“ALL HALLOWEDS’ DAY —  Simply another way of saying All Saints Day.   Today,  November 1st.

There was innocent fun this weekend, Halloween costumes and candy;   like Santa Claus and the Christmas trees;  like Easter baskets, bunnies, and chicks.

These are “accretions” over time — fun, folksy things added on to the more serious Feast days which they are associated with.


So this “serious:”  Feast day today is All Saints.      My Friday class had their discussion of what is a saint,  and the common theme seems to be this:  Since the word “saint” is associated with the word “sanctus”  which means “holy,”  then we can talk around the idea that a saint is a person who has  the holiness of God in him, in greater or lesser degree.

We are told that “nothing that is unholy”  can exist in Heaven, because that is God’s abode.     And that’s what sets the saints apart.    Like the light shining within the leaves in the tree above, saints are imbued with holiness from God that gives them the power — the virtue — to live a life perfectly pleasing to God.    The holiness is inside of them.   Sometimes they seem to glow with a holiness that can’t  be seen with our physical eyes.

The Church has a method of thoroughly and meticulously examining the life of someone who is acclaimed as a saint.    They are looking for  a life of consistent heroic virtue on this earth which enables a soul to be so closely united with the work of God, (the Son of God here on earth)  that he can continue that work in Heaven.  The person’s  compassion, love, prayers, and intercession work with the power of God to produce miracles, sometimes when the person is still alive here, and sometimes when the person has gone on to Heaven.

Those are the saints we honor today.    They confirm for us:    the reality of a holy God,  the reality of Heaven,  and the reality that some humans can be made worthy to be in Heaven, because they have lived with God’s holiness during their earthly lives.

See,  when a person makes a conscious decision to be a follower of the Son of God,   Jesus,  the Christ of God,   it’s not like being loyal to a person because he’s a worthy leader and you want to be associated with him.     And it’s not like joining a club whose ideals you agree with.

It’s more like coming back to your origins,  your own Creator,  who then forms a loving, caring, fatherly, personal relationship with you, right down to the core of your being.   He makes you clean, He dwells within you,   His love and His purity and His holiness begin to grow in you, and you become . . .   a holy, created human being.    Worthy of living forever with Him.   A saint.     That’s why we pray for “final perseverance” !   Let us live this way till the end!

He is the source of our life and the source of our joy and the source of all our contentment and peace.    Anything else turns out to be so much  “less.”      As St. Augustine said:  Our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.

Saints in heaven

Accompanying the Readings about Heaven today is the reading of the Beatitudes, which are a pattern for those who are becoming saints.    When the Beatitudes are your pattern,   you are slowly changed inside into a likeness of God’s holiness.

The Beatitudes are our pattern;  the saints are our models.

And this is the day we get to think more on these things.

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