gatorHe lived on a gator farm in Alabama —  today he was Sunday dinner.

This isn’t what I was planning to write about on a Sunday afternoon,  but . . .  well,   I had all the ingredients waiting and  I took some pictures . . . .

Gator is “ordinary” meat like other meats,  and like other meats, it’s often better as part of a larger recipe.

 So I began with chunks of the meat with big pieces of onion.    Sauteed in olive oil and butter.   Spices and herbs.  Before the herbs, the meat is slightly pinkish in color.

Then I added slices of chicken sausage and shredded cooked chicken.

 I put the meat in the bowl while I made the creamy, spicy (somewhat-Cajun) sauce in the saute pan.      When the sauce was slightly thickened,  I put the meat back in the pot and put the lid on for a short time,  “smothering” all the ingredients while they blended themselves together.   “Smother” is the source of the French word “etouffee,”  so I guess it’s a cooking method rather than a flavor or a meal.

Meanwhile I cooked the rice.  I used Basmati rice since it is fragrant and also has the least amount of arsenic in it.  It also holds up well to such a heavy sauce.

 And there you are!    Plain ungarnished presentation;  just a delicious dish of Alligator Etouffee!

Bon appetit!


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