November 11.  In this country it’s Veteran’s Day,  honoring all those who have served in the armed forces.

And all the veterans of our armed forces certainly and emphatically deserve our honor – and our deep thanks.  I could write a lot of what others have said  about our veterans, about how they’re treated today –others have written well about our veterans.

I just want to remember today something a bookmark taught me.   I came across it unexpectedly in a book I was reading:

 Ironically,  I was reading about the Russian Revolution — the  destruction of Russia by the Marxist socialists.  Their socialist revolution turned Russia into a giant political prison camp  for the next several generations:    The State is in charge of all activity.      Surveillance by government forces.    Politically correct speaking.    Group thinking.    Citizens spying on citizens.  The dreaded “knock in the middle of the night” — with no one daring to look at what happens next.    A complete shut-down of society.

And then I noticed what my book mark said:   “Freedom is not free.”  

If you think you’re a “free”  citizen  in this country,  thank a veteran.    For the sake of political freedom,  we must especially revere those who fought and died in wars,  hot or cold wars,  that kept us free from the aggression of our external enemies.

I could also write about today’s  weak echo of our military armed forces compared with the Force they used to be.   I could write about how all the branches of the military, here in this country,   have been decimated by presidential fiat.

Purged.    All those experienced commanders of all ranks who are loyal to the United States have been put out of active military duty —  not infrequently right before they would have earned a pension . . .  because they represent a threat to the Man They Have Put In The Office Of Our Presidency.    While all other nations are working hard to build up their military forces,  ours have been reduced to about 1920’s level. *    (These from our internal enemies.)

I don’t know where this will lead.      I don’t know how many even know what’s been done to our military.     I don’t know if there are enough who will “push back”  and attempt to restore our military to levels safe for our country.

I do know my grandchildren will have far fewer  “veterans”  to honor.     Just plain . . . fewer.

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* (Use a Search Engine;  use terms like:   “officers . . . purged . . .   from . . .   U.S.  . . .   military.    There will be a variety of sources.   Don’t use one of the well-known  Search Engines that censor the results.)

A quote,  for example,  from the Washington Times:

Senior officers must be extremely careful these days, in both their professional and personal lives. They must understand that they are under the microscope, and their careers have never been more vulnerable. If admirals, generals, colonels, captains and commanders feel like they must act like saints and walk on eggshells, well, that is today’s reality.

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