Writing while people are being murdered.

explosionI just wanted to write while this multi-front attack is ongoing in Paris,  France.

Many dead;  many wounded;  many in a severe state of shock.    Attacks and explosions —  followed by a pause — followed by attacks on the Rescue Teams that respond,  just as they do in Jerusalem.    Seven locations as of this writing.

Hostages in the concert hall are being killed one by one.   People begging the police to attack;   a police assault on the theater begins.

French borders are closed;    Paris under their first curfew since 1944,  during the last world war.

My writing won’t change anything,  but I want to “participate”  by paying close attention.    There is no specific action I can take,  but I pray because I think this is a time to plead for supernatural help and I believe we have a God Who Sees,  and will act if we make the effort to request.

And then,  as the old saying goes, God helps those who help themselves.    I hope the Western world will awaken to the war that is being fought against it on so many fronts:  legal,  cultural,  as well as with armed attacks.    If we know we are in a war,  perhaps we will rise up and fight back.


Tonight’s  “news story” is ongoing.    The war is ongoing.

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