No photos today.  Can’t quite manage that.

I’m suffering from an injury which is  a little more severe and bothersome than I expected, and life has narrowed to a strong pain in my foot and whatever perimeter I can gain around a pair of crutches.   “Yardage,”  so to speak.

It happened during a football game.    Oh, yes, we won, great, thanks guys.     But somewhere in the third quarter an enormous pain sprang up from my right foot, right on the outer edge.   I had been sitting down,  but leaning forward because I was also knitting (during commercial breaks)  and I must have had weight on my right foot — all that time.   Like an hour or so, without moving.

The pain actually increased over the next few hours and it was clear I couldn’t bear any weight on that foot.   Saturday activity had come to a screeching halt.   No more errands;  No finishing up the Saturday housecleaning . . .  No yardwork on this beautiful sunny Fall day . . .   No  nothing.

After a few hours that side of my foot swelled up and turned red near my little toe.    A distressed phone call to Son,   and a few aspirin and a magnesium footbath later,  I  thought of . . .  what?     a slow motion break?    a slow stretching of the tendons on that side of the foot?  a dislocation of the toe joint?    Or am I developing some deep inner infection and I”m going to have to have my foot cut off like my Grandma did and like my Dad did and now it’s my turn?

Once I recognized the hyperbole,  I got myself into bed,  turned on my favorite radio stations,  clutched my Holding Cross,  said my prayers…  and woke up many, many hours later …   with the pain not quite so acute, just as Son said would happen.

Now, today, Sunday,  I am facing two more football games. 

And I have only one more foot to give.

King david

As King David said long ago in his Psalms:           I will praise thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: wonderful are thy works, and my soul knoweth right well.    (Psalms 188:14)

And I don’t understand anything about how I’m made or what happens to me.

Bears flag


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