(A little interlude for those with enough humility  to   know that every honorable life offers something for us to admire and perhaps to emulate.)

This person could be a man or a woman,  the sex doesn’t matter;  it just happened that she was born a woman, and named Rita.

She was born into poverty, a broken home, and social ridicule.    But she lived in a time before people were taught to blame society, blame the “rich”  —  blame anyone because you’re a “victim.”   She knew she was pretty much on her own, and her life was her responsibility.

Her circumstances brought her into danger sometimes, from criminals and crooked people who prey on the poor.   She developed quite a feisty personality, outwardly, at least,  in defense.

But through a miracle of grace and by her own intelligence which gave her the sense that God is real and He loves,  she listened to her instincts and became a nun, which was the right path for her to take.

But it did not exactly lead to a life of “peace” in her new world.   She still had a  willful personality,  and the Church itself was going through a time of what has been called “auto-destruction”;  Catholics observing in horror what other (c)atholics were doing to the Church.      Modern liberals had somehow taken control of the direction the Church was taking.

Nevertheless, Rita Rizzo, who was now known as Sister Angelica,  had a strong sense of right and wrong and wanted to get the truth out about the greatness of the Church and what the Church really taught.   With $200, and a little sweat equity,  she began a  television show, broadcasting from out of the convent’s garage!

And now it’s known as EWTN, seen all over the world,  and she is known as Mother Angelica.  She’s had many strong disagreements with those who are strongly attached to the New Version of the Church, and yet on she went, not always winning each battle,  but the EWTN network survived, at least in some fashion.

“In some fashion” — because then she had a terrible and massive stroke which silenced her, and couldn’t always control the direction the programming was taking.   And then she had more minor strokes.

And now we hear that she is not doing too well.    One press release:

Mother Angelica

For those of you who understand the power of prayer,  now would be a good time . . .  for Mother Angelica.

a/k/a   Rita Rizzo,  aged 92.

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