It all comes down to midnight.    “when the night was in the middle of her course.”      One midnight, long ago, “when all things were in quiet silence.”  (book of Wisdom, chapter 18)

At midnight, in the still of the night, in silence,  the Christmas Baby was laid in a manger, in a shelter for animals, a cave, a stable, whatever.


It was Jesus:    Victor, Savior, Conquering Hero,  King of All the Kings, come down to Earth in the guise of a Baby.

How perfect!

In the midst of a busy, bustling, striving,  fidgety world,  we often stop to look at a baby.


An innocent baby gets our attention — a baby is so much outside   our usual busy activity, and is so much not a part of the concerns of the adult world.  What does a baby know of all the things that keep us adults on edge?   We look in wonder at the peaceful innocence.


I took a walk one night at the end of a long busy day with too much to do,  too much to think about,  to much to worry about.   In the dark, along the edge of the streets, the Christmas lights around the neighborhood seemed to float in  the darkness.       It was a windy, slightly drizzly night, undecided whether to become good weather or bad weather.

And I took the worst photos ever  of Christmas lights as I walked along.   The wind was pushing me around and it was too dark to see where the edge of the road was, so sometimes I stumbled and the pictures aren’t too clear.


But the lights drew my attention.

It was Christmas everywhere,  outside people’s houses and inside their houses.


The “Christmas Baby”  has drawn our attention.   In the deep darkness of this evening,  everything was still,  and I heard only my own footsteps,  only my own thoughts . . .  which were slowing down now, after my busy day.

Soon all the preparation for the holiday will be over,  no more time to do “more,”  only time to experience the remembrance of Jesus, come to Earth to be with us.


The long-awaited beginning of Everything.


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