The New Year, 2016

From a  thought inspired by GK Chesterton:   Here is the challenge –  “to be astonished at the world while at the same time feeling at home in it.”

We hear lists of the things that happened in 2015 and we each have our own list of memories.   With a bit of surprise,  we realize there is yet another whole year presented to us  in which more lists will be created.

A thoughtfully alive person will be astonished at what a year brings — and that a year brings anything new at all.   Possibilities!  Unknowns!  Challenges!  Opportunities!   Surprises, good and bad.

And always, always the fundamental suspicion that there is a God who cares about all the things we care about.   He leaves subtle hints of Himself sometimes, and pretty big hints at other times.   The hints are available for us to take up.

But what will we do with those hints this year?    What will  happen this year?     What things will befall us?     What things will we do?

Another year!

Astonishing that we have yet another year in which to feel astonished, if we so wish .    Astonishing that we are “quite at ease” with the idea of receiving another year.

“To be astonished at the world, and yet to feel quite at home in the world.”

Our world.  Our new year.    Ours for the taking.

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