(“Imagine”  this):

What if all of your history has been deleted?

I mean,  what if all the evidence of the history of your own nation has been deleted?  No journals, diaries, or other original writings.  No books.  No documents.   Also no paintings,  sculptures,  carvings, statues – no images of any kind to illustrate anything from your history.

What if all the buildings,  synagogues,  churches, and temples were destroyed and reduced to unrecognizable rubble?

How would you prove what you know to be your history?

How would you prove what you think you know about your history?    About world history?

How long would it take before someone else with a purpose begins confusing you about what you thought you knew.

And how long would it take for that someone to tell you what you OUGHT to know?

And you have no visual aids, no objects, no books to prove them wrong.


Here is an ancient building, a monastery really.   It’s about 1,500 years old, and is a treasure from the past.

But don’t think it’s an unused “relic.”  It’s a monastery in the Middle East dedicated to St. Elijah and it has been in continual use — Well,  here is a Christmas service from a year or two ago:


Fairly well-attended for a war-torn area.    If you love your history,  if you love your religion,   you don’t mind not having a roof over your head.

It has just been intentionally reduced to unrecognizable rubble.   And it’s happening to ancient monuments, buildings,  temples,  synagogues, and churches throughout the Middle East.

And when they are done there . . . .where next?


empty man

Mr. Nobody


When you have no evidence of your history, you are “nobody” — a man without an identity,  because even if you can’t find your own history, you can’t see where you’ve come from,   you won’t be able to find any other history either, so you can’t choose much of a new identity.

Oh, maybe not you, you have a memory.   But those younger than you.   Teach them their identity without any visual aids?    Their history becomes just legends.   If they’re allowed to be told.

Changing the stories of history, erasing the evidence of history is happening now, around the world, to every culture.  An enormous attempt at cultural Identity Theft.

How soon will the Push-Back begin?


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