(Closing out with a little pessimism):

As I write,  the caucus is  soon coming to an end –  and I’m so very weary.      The winner here may or may not be the winner in November.   The winner in November may or may not be able to help us recover our distinctly American culture, and there is no guarantee that the winning leader will be able to hang on to the values that made Western civilization safe and stable.

The good news and the bad news is this:  that a nation gets the leaders it deserves.  It seems to be true that Complacency is the biggest crime against one’s own society and culture, the components of  civilization.  But so is ignorance and greed.

A civilization doesn’t exist because it has some invisible “right” to  exist;  it exists because it’s being upheld by each generation;  it’s being transmitted to the next generation;  and its ideals are being honored by the civil piety of its people with  cultural expressions such as manners and mores,  literature,  songs,  and public spectacles,  and entertainment.

Each one individual person is responsible for that!

A civilization is upheld by the determination and hard work of the individuals within it.   “Hard work” and “determination”  because there are  many enemies who work from the inside – but don’t forget there are many who are working from the outside.

From history,  “nations come and nations go;  republics come and republics go;  kingdoms come and kingdoms go.”    When inside enemies collude with outside enemies,  the nation or republic or kingdom is probably on its way out.

There are outside enemies, the traditional ones that we are familiar with and an old one that had been quiescent for so long.    But we were warned.   We would have had time to overcome our growing complacency and our weakened sense of self-preservation.

In the 1930s it was predicted that there will be the next surge of  “radical is”  la “mist” expansion by the end of the 20th century.   To the surprise of many who lived at that time,  it was written that Western Civilization would have more to fear from  this —

Resurgence 200

—  than from the rise of National Socialism which  Hitler was presenting to that decade.

We are witnessing  an external invasion beginning — and they   mean to destroy the remaining portions of Western Civilization — which we still  take for granted will always exist.

If the various enemies of the various nations which made up Western Civilization are left unchecked,  then the last remnants of Western Civilization will be gone.   It’s possible.

But these are Big Ideas –  the underlying march of history that is not quite being addressed by today’s politicians.  It’s going to be up to individual people to learn how things work and to discover what action to take.

But we need do nothing at all to observe our own demise.

Perhaps many of us, as am I,  are weary of the fruitless theater of politics.

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