There’s nothing wrong with working in the administration of any kingdom, nation, or  local political entity;  someone has to do the work of leading and governing, with all the minute details of administration.

But because of the opportunities for acquiring money and power,  governing attracts those who are far more interested in themselves than in the general welfare of the public at large.

That’s just the way it is when the leadership does not feel that it is subject to the same higher power as the people they seek to rule,  be it a written constitution or all the way up to God who is King of all the kings.

If the leadership (all those involved)  are not subject to the same laws as the people they govern,  then the leadership gets confused and self-serving and downright dangerous to the freedom and well-being of the people.

Check out the Confusion which came out of the Iowa caucus last night — both parties.  Here are some headlines that I’ve gathered,  and I’ll give Drudge Report a note of thanks for gathering many of these:

So, who knows who won?
“WE MAY NEVER KNOW THE ACTUAL RESULT”   From the Sanders people.                       Video shows dysfunctional counting . .  .
DES MOINES REGISTER:    Was correct winner called?
MICROSOFT App used to tally votes falls short…
Hillary wins 6 precincts — by coin tosses…Probability: 1 in 64…
Sanders wants raw count released…
Missing precinct scrambles to report he won…
Rally chant: ‘She’s a liar!’…
Virtual tie raises doubts: Can she close deal?
Coronation turns into race…
TRUMP: ‘Honored’ With Second-Place…
RUBIO: This Is Night They Said Would Never Happen…
DIRTY: Carson Accuses Cruz Camp of Foul Play; Told Voters Carson Was Dropping
Jeb Spends $2,884 Per Vote…
Political cover up at State Dept. to benefit Hillary Clinton during primaries                     Cruz apologized to Carson for mistaken “drop-out”  report                   

Um . .  .  I really can’t post a lot of headlines –  they’re full of bad language….

Is this really the “leadership” we deserve?  Do we really have to worry about false election results  (again!) and about  future leaders who will take away our right to privacy,  to own  private property,  to bear arms,  to be the primary educator of our children,  and who will curtail our right to freely assemble and to freely express our religion in public?

Good men must step forward –  to lead and to govern.   It’s not my talent in life,  but I think there might be many with the gift of governing and who want to do it honestly.

Meanwhile,  for those politicians who will become our enemies once they take office,  then I would offer this remedy.    From the Catholic portion of this nation, it’s a short prayer to make use of all that confusion and incompetence that was expressed in those headlines:

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all the instruments of His Holy Passion that Thou mayest put division in the camp of Thine enemies, for as Thy beloved Son hath said, “a kingdom divided against itself shall fail.  Amen. *

That’s it.   Just a little thought.   (You can update the language,  make it more “common.”)

Abraham Lincoln appealed to the nation with this same biblical thought and sought to keep the nation together,  not divided.    A little division, however, might be a good idea for the nations enemies –  internal and external!

Now is indeed the time for prayer as well as votes.


Bar Cross in middle


* Given to Sister Marie de Sainte-Pierre in the 19th century, France.






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