Last chance for indulgence!   Food!  Parties!   Busy-ness!  Hysterical focus on issues of the World!   (Or something like that.)

Mardi Gras beads


The origin of Mardi Gras (which, as you know means Fat Tuesday)  is the rather serious task of emptying your kitchen of all the “fat” things that you may not eat during the rather somber period of Lent.    A kind of last chance to enjoy rich foods before the necessary fasting and abstinence.   A last chance to enjoy . . . and indulge . . .  and party,   etc.

It escalates into a time of self-indulgence.

But it can also be a time of “emptying”  without the overindulging – if your emptying is a preparation for simplifying and making room for the serious work of penitence.

It can be a welcomed time of putting  away all the complex, perplexing things of our society, and turn inwards for a little while.   Just for forty days.

With that in mind,  I’m going to say good-bye to politics for a while.   I tell myself,   in five years,  this political election cycle will not be so acutely important.   We will have known the outcome of this election —  the day-to-day details will no longer matter — but I will be five years closer to my own death — and what I do now will matter for that eventuality.    A sobering kind of “Lenten”  thought.

So good-bye to New Hampshire tonight.  I have no idea whom I will vote for.    I’m trying very hard to want to vote in this election in the Fall.

It seems, however, that one man has taken up a lot of our attention, in spite of the media’s attempt to take him down.

Which of the candidates do you think the media wants to defeat?


Easy to figure that out!    It makes me curious why they always show one man at his worst and put the worst possible spin on all his words.

Even when he’s not at one of the media’s main events,   they still seem to focus on him:


(Thanks to Patriot Post for this one.)

People seem to be speaking up and voicing their discontent with the way things have been going.  Here’s a poster I saw recently:


Is it true?      Donald Trump is different from the usual kind of politician.

Could he really fix our country?


Or do we believe what the media personalities tell us to think:  that this is a “very scary”  man?

I didn’t intend this to be a Donald Trump Message.      But it just seems as though every other candidate is measured against this man.    He is the “pivot point” of this year’s election.

40-some days from now I’ll take another look at how things are going.   Lent will be over.     The Holiest season of the year will be past.      We will have refreshed ourselves and renewed our relationship with our Savior.

Perhaps we will have grown in some knowledge and insight during this season of Lent.

The world will still be there — and perhaps we could take another look at politics with new and wiser eyes.

I will cook my Fillet Mignon now,  my last “indulgence,” and eat it while I watch the live Webcams from Bourbon Street,  New Orleans.  It’s always astounding and instructive to see how quickly things clear out at Midnight tonight.

Midnight comes.   The season turns.   And we can take a break from our complexities.

Good Lent to you all!






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