Ahhhh,   Lapland.


This scene from Lapland calls to me.   I understand it.  I want it.   It soothes me.   There is a goodly portion of Lapp blood in me;  and there is also Sami blood from the other side of my family.      Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to vistas like this:    lean, fresh,  free, calm, uncluttered . . . .breathable.

My biggest complaint takes the form of  “Too much.  Too much.   Too much.”    So that’s where I’ve been these past few silent days on this blog —  trying to swim my way out through “too much.”   Remember the scene from Star Wars when the heroes were trapped in the garbage dump of the Empire’s ship?   It’s like that.

So I have to get rid of all these photos and ideas and half-written blog postings.   I have to simplify.   Lent is coming – and right quick!!


I’m getting ready!    I found all my Mardi Gras beads, put them on,  took a Selfie and sent it on to my Grandson — who had just returned from New Orleans.    Grandma and Cooper,  sending each other pictures of the beads around our necks.

Like you, probably,  we’ve had cold weather and warm weather, and now cold weather again.   I used up all my kindling, and then we had warm, windy weather.


So now, just in time for more cozy night in front of the fireplace,   the lawn was littered with fresh new kindling.     As well as “Drone Debris”  from Christmastime.


Trees are hard on those drones.

I finished yet another picture puzzle.   At my age!??     They’re NOT a waste of time:  I find them “restful.”


This one was way harder than it looks.   1,000 pieces.     I liked the picture, although  all the while I was wondering where this photo was taken.   If you have ever traveled to France, you’d probably recognize it.  It’s the inside of Notre Dame Cathedral.   Amazing amount of detail in there.

We’ve changed over from January to February, and among the new-month duties I had to give up my January picture about friendship on skis:


It looks so much like my skiing experiences in The Spruce Tunnel that I felt these ladies were someone I could have met . . . .  serenity within and without.  Like a Lapp forest.

I got a lot of new gadgets this past month — and then had to learn how to put them together.   Speaking of a “Photo Dump”   today,   here is one of my new “gadgets”  with a little “dump” of its own for me:


Apparently the carpet you’ve just tried out your new vacuum on is NOT the best place to learn how to EMPTY the new vacuum.    (I could get mad and swear;   or I could run for my camera and laugh!)

Another challenge:


I finally made my choice.   This one.    “Could I put it together myself,”  I asked the young lady in the store.    “Well ,”  she said, after looking at me for a moment.   “It comes in many little pieces. . . .”

As much as I hate three-dimensional objects,  I took this as a challenge.   A nice young man put the huge, heavy box up into my car for me —   one of them:


Identical!    How fun.    I picked mine,  but all the way home I wondered how I’d be able to lift that big box out of the car and into my house.

But I had an idea:


I didn’t have to lift the big box out of my car:    I just emptied the box right there:  piece by piece by piece by piece by . . . .     And two hours later,  I had a new desk chair.

Then it was time to get ready for the Super Bowl.     Food.    Part of the treats would  be Tiger Popcorn!     (There’s a funny story about that.)    We have a gourmet popcorn store nearby so I thought I’d buy some there.

But I didn’t.


Just some Nehi Grape and . . . plain caramel popcorn.

So this story is my unspoken comment on the young products of our school system.  But it’s still kind of funny.

I walked into the popcorn store, and the pretty young, young lady came over, very friendly and helpful —  and asked if she could help me find anything.  I said, actually  I did have something specific in mind:  tiger popcorn!

I explained to her blank look that this is caramel corn with chocolate drizzled over it.   Then I explained to her still blank face that the chocolate drizzle looks like tiger stripes —

You know,  brown stripes on caramel colored popcorn?   She thought that was a great idea, but there was nothing like that in the store – although I could have samples of the various caramel popcorns they sold.

I told her this was for the Super Bowl,  and I would try to make it at home;  melt some chocolate chips . . .  drizzle it over the caramel corn.     So as I was at the cash register, we chatted;  I asked her about their online services . .  .  she told me I could find their weekly specials there too.

As a matter of fact,  there is a table with their weekly specials, right here in the store.   So, after I had paid for my little bag of caramel corn (and the Nehi Grape),  she took me over to the table and proudly showed me that this week’s special is “drizzled popcorn.”

“Here is some cheesecake popcorn with strawberry drizzles.”   And here . . .   here . . .  ” is some caramel popcorn with chocolate drizzles!”

I looked at her in amazement.   No expression.    No recognition  that that is EXACTLY what the customer  (me) had  just walked into your store asking for.   No connection with our conversation about “just having to make it at home . . .”     But she was pretty, and young,  and helpful,  and friendly . . .    She might go far in today’s world.


“Tiger popcorn.”    Not so pretty,  but it tasted really good!

And the Super Bowl was just fine.   I do hope Peyton Manning knows to step down in a blaze of glory,  at the “top of his game.”   He’s a good man.

And now the long trek across the Desert of Months – with no football.

Mardi Gras today.   It was a chance for me to “cross some things off my list”  and purchase a few last-minute indulgences.

It started with a reluctant trip to my CPA’s office with all my tax papers collected for him.     I was annoyed,  irritated, petulant, put-upon,  and a bit defiant — however, I used all the self-discipline I  could muster and kept my mouth shut — and then I was treated so well, so respectfully,  that I really learned a good lesson and  forgave them for all the inconveniences . . . .  Besides,  my cabinets and files are “cleaned out”  and emptier now.

And I was so relieved after that appointment that I bought some pairs of shoes,  some books, some gifts for a couple people,  and lots of meats, including a Fillet Mignon.

It’s Mardi Gras!     These were the last-minute indulgences!    I will be very serious in just a few hours…    and this blog will take on a whole new “feeling.”

But first —   a political sort of photo dump in the next posting.




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