I think this just about shows my opinion of current American politics:


We’re pretty much burning down our own house.

I was actually there at that house, once a few years ago.  Hubbie and I visited South Carolina and we stopped in to see the lovely Boone Plantation.   Well cared for, gracious,  and beautiful.    Civil.     Of course, it wasn’t on fire  then- and it never was.   This is a scene from a Hollywood movie that was filmed at that location.

But it feels like a terrible loss anyway.

If we have a thousand or so years left on this planet . . . (which some doubt – but I think it could be possible)  then historians at that time in the future will look back on America circa 1800-2100 and write us in as footnote, perhaps;  a footnote to a discussion about “democracies and republics after the tradition of Greece and Rome.”

That’s all.   Republics don’t last much longer than a couple hundred years.   But our immortal souls will,  and whatever political system we’re born into will not help determine our everlasting destiny.

Just so you know I’m not too alarmed by all this political mess.

So,  who’s running for the office of the president in the 2016 election?  I have two philosophical enemies:   One is the philosophy of Revolutionary Men:

That would be the French Revolution – the one that gave us the political terms  “Left” and “Right”  — sitting in the chairs on the Left side of parlement, or on the Right side.  It’s an old term that seems to linger . . .

Not your next pres

She, on the Left,  is currently the favorite of our Rulers.    I don’t know if she’ll make it.  There are some very bad reports of her ill health that just don’t go away and just keep increasing.  She might not make it.  She calls herself a Progressive,   which is about a deceptive a term as you can get.   (What does she want us to “progress”  towards?  If Americans were educated in their own Constitution and History,  they would not vote for her . . .  words.)

The other Leftist candidate at least is honest about his intentions:

O Bernie

(I’ve left the attribution in there.)

Socialism came right out of the French Revolution too (and it’s antecedents) and it has never worked anywhere it has been tried.  As a matter of fact,  wherever it has been imposed,  there has been increasing misery, poverty,   loss of freedom,  and historians have even had to invent a new name for the results of socialism:  Democide!    Well over 100,000,000 people have been killed intentionally by their own socialist governments, mostly in the 20th century.   Killed, punished, dimished,  and impoverished  their own citizens.

Astonishingly,  people either are unaware or unconcerned.   Socialist words are powerful -= because they appeal to human needs.  They don’t answer human needs,  they just appeal to human needs.      And good people hear that appeal.

But just so you know:  if the State sees to it that you get everything you need,  then the State will tell you what you need.   And what you can’t have.   What you need from the State will be defined by the State.  (Not exactly the American ideal of freedom.)

Maybe that’s why the deceptive “progressivism” wins votes too –  they’re a little more subtle about their methods.

But it’s all about gathering your votes.

How about the “other” side?    Those on the “Right”?

Really not much difference, I think, except for a few.   Our Rulers have the one or two that they will permit us.    If we put up too much of a fuss  with our ballot boxes,  then they risk being caught out in the open,  so  they may have to back down for a term or two.   Most of their “dislikes”  have had to drop out of the race;  they got very, very little media coverage, even though some of  their ideas were pretty good.

There is one remaining towering  (ahem!)  figure of defiance.     Just for fun, you may want to listen to how he is treated.   Everyone is talking about him.   If you know what an adjective is,   write down the adjectives you hear describing him on TV, radio, in newspapers, and in social media.    Then put the adjectives in two columns, one for negative, one for positive.

One of those columns will have zero words or phrases.     

You can do that with images too,  images of him and images of people talking about him.  Two columns . . . .

The pope has apparently – today –  called this man “not-a-Christian” —  but since this comes from a man who says “we’re all God’s children” and “we’re all on the road to Heaven” —  then I guess that’s pretty meaningless.  What does it matter if you’re not a Christian, beyond some sort of traditional insult.      Well,he’s  “not one to judge” anyway.

Socialism appeals to human needs, to human emotions,  to human feelings.

So there is much in the various information sources about these characters in the 2016 presidential race;   all kinds of opinions.     You can find your way around them.

I  love the United States of America.   I think it was a good idea.    I just really wish enough people will rise up and put the fires out.

burning us

But we’re going to need a lot of intelligent firemen.






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