(A modern tragic soap opera story today):

Some observations,  for the record, starting with the Pillow.

The Pillow is innocent.

Innocent pillow

It’s not really about a pillow which was found on  Justice Scalia’s face –  and then — you’d better not say that! — I mean,  it was just near his face — it was just above his head — it was between his head and the headboard.

Nobody knows anymore.   Only a very few were there right away at the “discovery”  of Justice Scalia’s death anyway.

Let’s say the pillow is Innocent.  Or at least a very minor player.

But there will remain some serious unanswered questions:  and my prediction is that they will remain unanswered because . . .  answering these questions would open too  many cans of worms . . .   and other filthy political things.     We shall stick with the preferred answer:   Nothing happened.   It was “natural.”

Although,  human minds being what they are,   some observations are natural.

Justice Scalia was invited to the luxury hunting ranch of a major Democratic donor and supporter of the president.    His son backed out for some reason,so the Justice was alone.   The bodyguards,  US Marshals, everyone,  backed away.   The Justice is really alone.

But he had a good time at dinner that evening.  He was “engaged and animated”  in the conversations around him.    He makes a good guest!    He’s naturally good-natured.

And then the body is discovered “the next morning.”      Somehow.

The president and his chief assistant (brain) Valerie Jarrett, a Muslim,  are notified.   They are already meeting together, planning some things about “image.”

Hours later the public is notified.

Somewhere in between  a phone call is made to the county official   (Cinderela Guevara)  and she is told to write a death certificate.  She says the equivalent of:  “Tell me what to put on the death certificate.”     Heart attack?     Okay.    (“Change your public statement.”)   Natural causes?   Okay.

Against local law,  she doesn’t even come out to see the body.   Just a phone call.   No coroner is sent.  No official authority is allowed to come.    (They’re covered.)

Objections?   Well, quick:   Embalm the body.    Absolutely no possibility for an autopsy. Toxicology evidence gone.

A little possibility of some kind of an examination?    Well, was he or was he not cremated?    It is against Catholic teaching to cremate a human body.   (For those Catholics who follow Catholic teaching.)   Anyway,  absolutely no possibility of examining the body now.

Doctors,  judges, attorneys,  coroners, and medical examiners from around the country speak up and say “something’s wrong here.”

Nope.    He’s gone.     Nope.  No need.

Now the funeral. . .

Someone who was raised a strict Muslim as a child in a strict Muslim country and a recorded citizen of that country (Malaysia)  and whose school records record him and his family as Muslim –would feel very uncomfortable in a big, beautiful Catholic church, even for a funeral.   

Especially when we remember this same child,  now grown up,  had to have every single image and evidence of Christianity removed from Catholic Georgetown University BEFORE he would consent to stand on the stage there.    And this happened again in Notre Dame University.    Remember that?  

So why would he feel comfortable in a Christian Church for a Christian funeral Mass?  Let’s give this man a little slack – and not force him into an uncomfortable situation that his childhood didn’t prepare him for.

After all,  the religion of Justice Scalia has been marked out specifically for destruction by the Islamic State.    Their ultimate goal is to totally destroy the Vatican.  

Give the guy a break.   Biden will do.

The Left will massage this story until we’re okay with it.

Move on.

Those on the Right can be nice and pray for his soul. . . .and remember Antonin Scalia as a great man and a justice who preserved the meaning of the Constitution.   We owe him a great debt.

And we all might as well just put an – innocent – pillow lightly “near” our own . . . faces,  and just move on.

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