Or . .   whatever R word in the  title above applies.   (A week of high fever does not leave one with a facility for vocabulary.)    Nevertheless,  I’ve been just wanting to repeat something.

Remember this pair of pictures?

Jesus children cr                  LOGOcr

One is a simple presentation of consistent Christian teaching;    one is a distortion of that same teaching  (presented to us in the name of “mercy”).

One attracts.  One repels.          One is respectful.  One is mocking.

So,  in light of the Celebrity Religious Spectacle in Juarez City this week,  I just want you all to know that many Catholics pray for the conversion of the present pope, from one of these images . . .  to the other.

It’s the business of the Catholic Church to point us to Jesus, and to His Kingdom.  

Not to go around border-busting,  blessing old dirty  shoes,  and arranging to have yet another random baby available for a kissing photo op.     

Pray for the conversion of this pope and of his group in the Vatican.    Immortal souls are at stake.     One of those little pictures can lead souls to heaven.    The other one cannot.

Just – another R word:    Reject! –   Reject this new version of Christianity.    Jesus said His Kingdom is not “of this world.”

“This world”  is not going to have such a happy ending.   As St. Paul said:   “If in this life only we have hope,  we are of all men most miserable.”    (I Corinthians 15:19)




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