WORD: Contradiction

As I wrote about in the last posting,  sometimes a contradiction occurs when there are two opposing facts which eventually forces us into a new realm of thought.

That poor Centurian Clavius, of that last post,  saw the Man dead on His cross – and also saw the Man later, alive and joyful and full of power.     Eventually,  the force of the contradiction caused Clavius’s thinking to “explode”  out into a new understanding of the joyous reality of everlasting life.

Think of the process as a tube of toothpaste:


Sort of like that.   It’s being squeezed from the right and squeezed from the left, until finally the lid pops off and the contents explode out into  a whole new  understanding of existence more wonderful and free!

But there is a different kind of “contradiction.”      It’s one that makes no sense,  never makes any sense,  and never results in a new understanding.   You are given one set of “facts”  and then you are given another set of “facts”  that are contradictory.

You have a mind, and you have the faculty of understanding and discernment.    Eventually you reject one set of “facts”  and come to a deeper understanding of the other set of facts.

Today,  we Americans have a couple of people who want the office of the presidency.  To get votes they are  promising free just-about-everything.   Now, we know that whatever a government pays for,  it gets more of.   When the government pays for certain activities, it get more of that activity — and less of the hard work that is required to get that payment.

But the government doesn’t “make”  any money in the sense that it adds value to the economy by its labors.  Instead it takes money – from people who do the labor.    It takes money from some people to give to the people it has promised free (or “affordable”)  things to.

It says “by the very fact that you exist,  you deserve”   whatever it is that is desired — and therefore you will be given what other people have.

Great?   So vote for ME!

Commonsense facts will tell you that more and more people will become takers and fewer and fewer people will be givers.

But vote for me and I will  keep on giving!

But there will be less and less money to give you.

Works for a while.

But it is a self-contradictory form of economy – and it has to be upheld by more and more taxes and more and more oppressive rules to sustain it, including increasing surveillance to make sure we’re following the rules.

Free college?  Sure,  but we’re going to have to tell you what you can study.  (Note the experiences of the old Soviet Socialist republics.)

Free health care?   Sure, but we’ll tell you what services are available;  what doctors you can use;   what care we can afford to give you;   and when you’re just out of luck.

Affordable, subsidized food and shelter?   Sure,  but we cannot afford to give you very much. . . .

Fact 1 – An American society built on freedom,  personal choices,  hard work,  earning our rewards, the right to pursue as much happiness and well-being as is possible;

Fact 2 –  Or an American society which receives stuff from a   government which promises it all, as long as you accept its  rules and enforcement,  limited choices, and the right of the government to withhold the necessities of life – eventually.

We can’t have both choices because they contradict each other.   This is the contradiction which forces us to choose, between one or the other.     It doesn’t lead us to a higher reality;  it is reality.


So . . .  this 2016 election — don’t worry.  Everywhere the system of taking people’s money to give it to other people has been tried,  it has failed and eventually ruined and weakened the country.

We’re too smart for that choice.    Right?


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