WORD: Blame

Interesting current events right now, and the operative word seems to be “blame.”

Blame is asserting that someone is responsible for something, without reference to accuracy.    It’s one-sided,  no other opinions allowed.    Blame intends merely to defeat the target person with inflammatory words in order to  get other people to agree that your target is culpable.    Blame increases emotional intensity.

“Teacher!  Teacher!  Do you know what Johnny did?”     As a teacher of little children I’ve learned to recognize  when blaming happens.   I’ve dealt with it frequently.   The blamer is never really satisfied until their target is harmed in some way.

Sometimes blame is more than tattling.    It takes the shape of shouts, aggressive words,  pushing and shoving,  slogans,  and playing to the cameras.  Blame divides.   Blame has no interest in drawing people together.

So,  tonight in Chicago:

One group of people schedule a “party”  — a “celebration.”

There is going to be an invited guest.

A second group noisily crashes the party,  entering the place of celebration.  

The Chicago police advise the guest to not come, and to close down the party.

The second group rejoice that they shut down the rally!

The second group is still not satisfied and angrily continues to confront anyone they can.

The news media and many others BLAME  the party,  BLAME the guest,  BLAME the party-goers  –  and no one has yet blamed the angry,  violent-prone protesters,  nor will they own up to any responsibility.

Blame simply wants to win, without reference to accurate discourse,  without the goal of understanding.

So what do we have?

Democracy or Democracy?

Is it Democracy to hold a rally and let people express their points of view?

Or is it Democracy to shut down the rally so people cannot speak out their viewpoint?

Two groups:  (1)  Rally-goers and ( 2)  shut-down-the-rally goers.

Blame is not analysis.   Blame is the lowest form of arousal used in legitimate protest and does nothing but cause harm.   “Sticks and stones”  do break bones.

The Spruce Tunnel has not made a decision for where to cast its votes in November — but it will certainly vote against the protesters.



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