The story told of St. Thomas is so rich and full of meanings that I need one more posting. I want to add a thought about what it was that Thomas touched that made him believe.

What did Jesus invite him to touch?


His scars.

How I thank my Grandma for going around the house singing:    “I shall know Him,   I shall know Him,  I shall know Him by the print of the nails in His hands.”

She had a pretty “vivid”  voice,  but then some of her songs had some pretty vivid images.  But even as a child I used to wonder what His hands and feet and His side would look like.

Now that I’m older I ask:  “Scars?”    ” There’ll be scars in Heaven?”      Apparently,   yes.   Those scars will cause the angels in Heaven to fall down and worship Him;  and so will we, with gratitude and joy because those “scars”  are a cherished everlasting testimony to His love for us.

Kiss the wounds;   they will be scars for our sake.

But there’s more;  more scars in Heaven.  They are the ones that we will bear,  figuratively, but really,   because they’re  the scars from the wounds and hurts that we experienced here for His sake.   “Blessed are you who are persecuted for My sake. . . .”

Perhaps they won’t look like “scars”   that we’re familiar with,    but they will be the bright shining glorious spots on us that testify to the “works, joys, prayers, and sufferings” of each day that we “consecrated”  to Him in our Morning Prayers – and that we were called upon to endure –  pains and sufferings and little martyrdoms that were offered to us throughout our lives, because of our Faith in Him.

St. Thomas saw . . .  and put away his doubts . . .  put away his reluctance . .  .  and believed.   And then,  he went out to tell others . . .   and then he was put to death for having Faith in  the Risen Jesus, his Savior.

Tireless effort,  weariness,  hunger,  thirst,  inconveniences,   imprisonments,  tortures, and beheading.    What a glorious testimony to his faith.    St. Thomas carries all that testimony,   all those “scars”  with him into Heaven.

Jesus and Thomas   can share the scars they acquired for each other.



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