I’ve been thinking of this prince for a long time now, about six years since I first heard of him.  He is a prince of Saudi Arabia,  somewhat of an older man.

He is responsible for these magical hallways which I walked many, many times:

Cleveland Halls

Beautiful.   I think they change colors,  gently and softly.   These halls connect the parking ramp at the Cleveland Clinic with the main part of the hospital, and the main part of the hospital leads to the Cardiac Department — and that was not a “magical” walk for me because I was there to be with Hubbie – who was spending his last days . . . .

. . . . his last days in this building:


Gorgeous,  right?  State of the art, architecture and furnishings and medical equipment.   All the patient waiting rooms are along the outside walls,  looking out through that glass.  Absolutely anything a cardiac doctor could desire to help him do his job, to help him help his patients,  all that was inside his examining  rooms practically at his fingertips.

Young interns  from all over the world walked around in groups,  excitedly and intensely talking with each other about the best way to handle their cases.

If you were a patient there,  nothing would be missed that could help you possibly get well, or at least extend your life a bit more.  If you were a family member of the patient,  you were respected and listened to.

How did it get to be this way?

When Hubbie and I first had to go to the Cleveland Clinic for treatment for Hubbie’s heart condition,  there was an old building in this place;  not too bad, just medium brown brick,  several decades old, small,  a bit dark inside – but  . . . nice.  And they did good work.

At the same time, when we were there,  this prince from Saudi Arabia came to be treated at this same old cardiac wing of the hospital.    He had a serious heart condition and  the excellent doctors there saved his life.

For a thanksgiving offering,  the prince said he would have built a state-of-the-art cardiac center at the Cleveland Clinic.    He sure did!  And the photos up above are just a small sample of what a wonderful building he had built.

Once we were using that new building I noticed that every doctor,  every nurse,  every technician,  every receptionist glowed with pleasure, pride, and happiness.  It was a cardiac department that worked!

Until Now

The new cardiac building cost nearly a billion dollars of the prince’s own money.    It was to show his gratitude to the doctors and nurses and to all the American people.

But back then the vast majority of Americans had medical insurance.   (Forget the propaganda;   not everyone wanted medical insurance, not everyone needed it;  and the very, very  poor were never being turned away from medical emergency services. )

“Until now.”  Today, many tens of millions of Americans have lost their medical  insurance.     There are as many, if not more, people uninsured today as there were before the disastrous Unaffordable  Health Control bill was  passed under false pretenses.   I can’t tell you how many of my friends have told me they can’t afford the premiums they are required to pay now.   And when they have to use this “insurance” they find out they can’t use it anyway because they haven’t paid enough out of their own pockets first.

They tell me that they are struggling to afford a mandatory product that gives them exactly nothing.

And they live in fear of incurring unaffordable fines –  or losing their ability to pay their own mortgages.

Costs of medical care are skyrocketing out of reach of many Americans.

Needed tests,  needed medications,  needed help is routinely denied because Government officials say they’re not necessary.  Doctors are required to do futile and irrelevant “tests”  because this follows the protocol devised by Government non-medical officials.

And the Cleveland Clinic itself?  Not only can fewer patients go there, and not only are their costs rising above sustainability,   but doctors learned quickly that they cannot keep up with the Government bureaucratic procedures and paperwork – and still see patients. And the fines are ruinous.

Doctors have been quitting.  Or moving to other countries.    And the hospital has been firing personnel by the thousands.


He gave a gift of gratitude to the American people — and the Government (Rulers)  have diminished it.

I heard a presidential candidate say tonight that, if elected,  he would repeal “every word”  of this health Control Bill.

This is a “bill,”  an unconstitutional law,  that is not about health care, but is rather about health care delivery – and controlling people and money through health care distribution.

It’s about gathering our data and our money – and in return, parceling out a little bit of medical care by their doctors.

The momentum of good health care in America is carrying us through for a little while,  but I am now getting too old to receive  Government sponsored health care —   who is it that’s promising to repeal this “bill”?

I’m listening.


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