So many special days in May!    Here is a personal one:

May 3rd,  my aunt’s birthday.   May 3rd,  my aunt’s wedding anniversary.  And now,  just a few days ago, May 3rd,  my aunt’s death.      One aunt;  one date.

My Aunt Marcy:


That would be my uncle and my aunt, on the left.     (Dad, Mom, and me on the right.)

Aunt Marcy was a beautiful woman,  I think  she  (and my Mom)  could  be called glamorous, the way beautiful movie stars set the standard in those days.    Always well dressed,  well groomed,  ladylike,  gracious, efficient,  kind, friendly,  and above all,  good.

Aunt Marcy was like that, in person and in all  her photos.   I can tell you from observation that both ladies were a civilizing influence on their husbands.  Not that that was an easy task,  but I and my cousins are better off for it.   Civilized behavior and high moral standards –  which I suppose are two ways of saying the same thing.

Aunt Marcy was 90 years old, exactly, as it turns out.    She will be missed by her family —

—  and she and her kind will be sorely missed by our culture,  unless we step up and take their place.

I thank God for her life and for her example.    Condolences to my cousins and their children.

Deo gratias.       And Requiescat in Pace.


Bar Cross in middle






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