From the last posting . . . a fond  Auf wiedersehen to my aunt.

May is not only a month of interesting celebrations but also of sad partings.   There will be others dying in this month   too.     Do you say a hopeless good-bye to them?   A doubt-filled good-bye?      A frightening good-bye, knowing it might be you,  next,  this month?

Will someone be saying a sad auf Wiedersehen to you?   Will you be saying  auf Wiedersehen    from a hospital bed?  from the middle of a car wreck?     . . .

Realistic;    realistic and sad,   but not necessarily gloomy;  not if you can say it and mean it:  “auf Wiedersehen:  good-bye until we meet again.”       For a follower of Christ,  auf Wiedersehen is only good-bye for a while.

This year,  today,  May 5th,  we remember the Ascension of Jesus;  ascending away from this planet,   and “up” into Heaven.   For a while.    Until He sees us again. . . .


Second Person of the Trinity-One God.   The  Son.

He came to teach and He came to die for us,  creating the only possible Peace between us and our Creator.     Our only hope.      The only Name given by Heaven . . . .

He had the power to give up His life and to take it up again.   And after  that resurrection,  He had the power to return to Heaven,  which He did:


Jesus is teaching,  teaching,  teaching, last minute instructions, and then He began to go Home . . .    This would be from His point of view as He rose, still looking  at his people down there.

Way down there . . .


He is moving upwards, into the clouds, where a cloud obscured . . .  Him.

I don’t know how this can be,  but I know some Beings nearby said He’d come back in this same manner.    I don’t know what that means either,   but His friends are sad to see Him go:


“Sad though you are,  I won’t leave you orphans.  I won’t leave you comfortless.   Go back to Jerusalem and wait.  Pray and wait.”

Wait for something.    Pray, as you experience this puzzling loss.   Nine days.   A novena.   and you will see. . .

Meanwhile,  “Auf Wiedersehen!”


Bar Cross in middle


Oh,  P.S.  –    If you’d like to see the whole story or the credits for these photos,  you can go to YouTube and Search for  “The Gospel of Luke  (rare movie)   —   It is a good, faithful telling of the story of Jesus, for the beginner and also for one who loves Him.

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