(Last year it was flowers for every day in May;  this year has taken a more “hazardous”  turn.)

I’m beginning to hope this month goes by quickly.     There’s been death and dangers in varying degrees of  seriousness frequently – already this month!    Tomorrow is the first day of a new week.    I intend to make it a normal week.  (As if I had anything to do with it.)

Of course the death of a family member gets people thinking about . . .   well,  death.   (Two posts ago  — May Days Become “Personal”)

As some of you know,  Son is  a pharmacist,  an occupation  which is known to be so stressful that “heart attacks at a young age”  is an occupational hazard.   Pharmacists are crushed between red tape of government bureaucrats;   ever-changing, never-helpful corporate policies;  as well as insurance companies’ labyrinthine rules;  and many times a day they’re confronted by cranky customers who have only the pharmacist standing in front of them for the target of their wrath.     *

Sometimes the wrath is truly deadly, as happened to a friend of my Son, who had the pharmacy just a little down the road.     The pharmacist was a young man,  husband, and father — murdered.         It happens.   

I sometimes think pharmacists should receive Hazard pay.

Sometimes the “hazard” takes an almost humorous turn.


Drive thru pharmacy

When Hubbie and I first visited  Son’s new pharmacy,  we hoped no one would take that sign seriously.   At least, don’t “Drive Thru”  right there.      But someone almost did a few days ago.   Brakes didn’t work.    The gas pedal did.

Bent column

Not too much damage to the outside of the wall,  but it made a mess inside.   Bent out one of the supporting columns.

No one hurt.   That time.

More has happened to Son this week, something that could have been a lot worse if not caught in time,  but he’ll be fine (I think) –   it’s more a mother’s lingering worry now.

However – Son and I do have a project going on over here that should remind us all that danger can lurk – even in our own homes.    (No photos),  but my front yard and driveway look like a tornado hit us.  The house is still standing,  but the contents of the garage are spread out all over – outside of the garage.

See,  we’re having a garage sale soon.  My first one ever,  by myself.    So Son emptied out the garage, removing things that hadn’t been seen in three decades!    We found “occupants”  of the eight-legged variety.   Bad enough!   (no photos – ick ick ick))    But Son identified one as a possible  brown recluse.   Or close enough.    Bug bombs, sprays,  hoses and brooms later,  we are reasonably sure the garage is reasonably safe.

But it makes you think.   It was a brown recluse which nearly took off the leg of Billy Graham several years ago.

And then there’s tonight’s  “hazard.”    I did it to myself.    If I ever have snacks,  like during a good NASCAR race for instance?   like tonight . . .   it would be nuts and seeds and dried berry things.    I tried a new variety tonight.  One known to be healthful.   Bitter,  but healthful.


Well, here’s a photo,  but there won’t be a label — wouldn’t want you to “try this at home.”

I mixed a generous handful in with my trail mix type of snack.

Felt something.

Read the instructions on the container.

Discovered I’m supposed to be very cautious.

“Take one ( ONE ) piece in the first hour.”

“No more than three per hour after that.”

Now I had to figure out what to do with that “generous handful” working away in my stomach.   I had some options,  but none seemed too attractive.      My head did feel a little funny.   Was I dizzy?  Was I getting faint?    There could be a dozen other reasons for that.  Was that a stomach ache developing?  Something in my back?   Oh, yes… there was  a lumpy sort of sore spot deep in my back . . .  .

Or maybe I was just panicking.   Not thinking too clearly,  I wrote a text to Son saying “I just did something silly.   I’m going to wait a couple hours and text you again at 10:00.   If I text you, everything is all right.”

I couldn’t decide if the text itself was silly,  so I thought I’d wait before I send it.   After all, NASCAR was on.    I drank a lot of water and iced tea.   I ate anything I could think of with a lot of fiber to soak up the . . .  uh . .  overdose.    I even made some oatmeal –  yuck –   not a good snack.    I had some Bolognese sauce simmering on the stove for tomorrow’s dinner.  I ate some of that too.

I’m glad I didn’t get around to sending that text.   The race was so good that I didn’t notice when 10:00 came and went.     My head began to clear up. but now  my stomach doesn’t feel so good.   I’ll probably be too sick to go to church in the morning.

bear seeing you

“Hazards” – lurking nearby

We all are going to face hazards of varying degrees of seriousness.   Life itself is a “terminal condition.”      We’re on a journey,  but we’re not exactly walking on a Red Carpet.

Hazards are everywhere!     Sometimes close to home.    Sometimes lurking, unbidden.

Sometimes self-inflicted.      Like  trying out some new snack food.

Who  ever would think that “food”  comes with “instructions”?



.*       Be kind to your pharmacist.    He’s usually not the cause of long waits,  denials,  and confusions.       The Spruce Tunnel has some suggestions:    “How To Talk to Your Pharmacist.”


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