It’s  99 years after,   which means it happened in the recent modern past.

It’s a remembrance because it still has significance for us and is therefore important – (nay,  vital)  to remember.   Life is like that – full of anniversaries and milestones,  some with personal importance,  some with  significance of universal application.

It’s brief because I’m currently pretty overwhelmed with daily schedules, with matters of health,   family thoughts,   and the added duties of holding a garage sale – which I’ve never done by myself before, and although I severely doubted my ability,  this first day turned out pretty good.    But exhausting.

It’s   99th anniversary, which means it happened in 1917,  and  next year will be a  hundred-year span of time which is an interval which  reminds  us to assess how we’ve done, whether we’ve heeded the Warnings,  and what happens next.   The hundred years will be up.

F tree

The Holm Oak Tree

So,    “It”    is the 99th anniversary of the first of the messages given to us through three little children in Portugal, during the height of the horrendous War To End All Wars.

Did you know we had one of those?  A War To End All Wars?

This war was also called World War One.

We thought we were too smart, too advanced,  to technologically brilliant to have a war like this.     The messages we remember have a lot to do with wars – of all kinds.

We’ll deal with these in just a little while here.



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