(I write this post to commiserate with all of you who will some day,  probably,  have a week like this.)
The “lesson”  at the end of this posting is that we were created to be Self-Healing.  We can get through anything,  get knocked around a bit,  and then get up again.    Proof is:  I’m still standing.

I think I crammed a year’s worth of unexpected challenges into this one last week.

It was . . .

exclam 25 x 30. . . Unexpected that I would feel so “inadequate”  about holding a garage sale by myself.    (stress)    Usually I’m pretty plucky.    I made a mess of the house digging out all salable items . . .  then I wondered  “now what?”   (stress)     Thanks to Son’s help and his seemingly limitless muscle power,  the garage took shape;  I filled in the blanks;  and soon it began to look like a garage sale around here.
exclam 25 x 30Unexpected that a nice weekend in May would give us winter weather  for the garage sale!    Dark, gloomy skies,  strong cold winds,  and even a  little freezing rain, hail and a light dusting of snow.    One customer said: “Well,  winter is coming a little early this year.”    Trite.    But everyone was on board with him.   Well, it got up  into the forties that day.   That high.
exclam 25 x 30Unexpected to feel soooooo  exhausted on the second day.    Where’d that come from?

exclam 25 x 30    Unexpected to have a power outage on Sunday right towards the end of NASCAR!!!    Thanks to my young friend,  we were able to watch the end of the race on her cell phone.    I didn’t expect to start the generator a few hours later with her help, and  with no problem — and we certainly didn’t expect the power to turn back on before we even plugged   the first cord into the generator!

exclam 25 x 30Unexpected to BREAK my toilet on Sunday.    Ugh.

exclam 25 x 30Unexpected to need a car repair on Monday — but pleasantly unexpected that all it was was a cracked gas tank cap.    Did I do that?

exclam 25 x 30  Unexpected to discover that my water softener was not working.   How often does that happen?   Now?     This week?   Really?

exclam 25 x 30  It was totally unexpected to hurt my leg – a lot –  in the big store where I purchased my new toilet today.   My shin is now sporting an under-the-skin,  plum-like bump.     A person just doesn’t anticipate that an injury is going to sideline him for a while.
exclam 25 x 30   And – unexpectedly –  I actually purchased a new cell phone today.   Making conversation,  the nice young lady behind the counter asked me “And what do you have now?  A Samsung 6?”    “Nope,  I said.  I have a Samsung Nothing –  the first one they came out with.”       (I was really ready for a new one.    If I ever get that slow, they’re going to trade me in for a new one too.)
exclam 25 x 30   Unexpected  email from  a friend newly returned from her desert southwest winter home —  That was a nice one.      (I’ll have to get walking again soon for our visit.)     Sorry about the wintry welcome, my friend.
exclam 25 x 30   Unexpected desperate-sounding  text from my sister in Florida who is drowning in all the rain down there,   What ever happened to Sunny Florida?
Well,  I didn’t plan a week like this.      There’s more, but . . . .

As I said,  I’m still standing.    (With a temporary limp.)   All my bruised expectations for a smooth week will heal up.

Bar Cross in middle
We were made with self-healing bodies ,   if    we give our bodies the right ingredients to use.   (You know,  the right biologicals:  plants,  herbs,  nutrients, vitamins, minerals,  etc.   Plants   and   meats, that is.)

And we have self-healing minds:  we can fix our own stupidity and ignorance; no one else can;  we can fix our emotional  problems without pharmaceutical crutches;  we can fix our attitudes with self-control;  we can fix bad habits with our wills;  we can repair our broken hearts and our loneliness by  loving others.

And, in a way, we have self-healing spirits.    With our willing acceptance of Grace from heaven,   our willing cooperation,  that which is most fundamentally wrong with us . . .  can be healed.    We can be co-redeemers with our Redeemer.

The power comes from the Cross.

Deo gratias.

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