A serious problem.   And no solution will be easy.

It’s a different culture. 

Men are tightly restricted in what they can do;  but the women are greatly disrespected;  mistreated as second class citizens.  We here in the West don’t really understand this.   It’s because we are, as GK Chesterton observed,  still living on the momentum of a Christendom which used to exist,  with  its higher moral  values and social protections  –  and that gives us the appearance of public civility,   at least for the present time.

I wrote about the need for us to stand up against barbarity of a militant culture which is currently advancing across the world.

Well, it’s not an easy task:

In Pakistan, today, it was reported that a group of “militant-islamic”  men were menacing some girls;  crowding around the girls;   “teasing” them, the report says.

One man,  one Christian man,  intervened and made them stop.  A few days later those boys came after that man and fought with him,  pushing him around.   The police were called – and . . .  and . . .  the man was arrested!

Not the Muslim boys.   The Christian man who had protected the girls and had just been attacked.

Someone had posted onto the Christian man’s Facebook page some words that were considered “blasphemous”   —  and someone just happened to “find” it — and so the police were arresting him for violating “blasphemy” laws.

Just an example.

To repeat:   A serious problem.   And no solution will be easy.

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