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June 30, 2016

Those of you who know me know that I am not a fan of responding to enemy attacks with teddy bears, flowers, and candles.   Oh, yes – and holding hands.

Well, I’m not fond of “bracelets” either.

A few months ago there was a study of crime in Europe – and Sweden was declared the Rape Capital of the World.   Mild mannered,  recessive/submissive Sweden:  Rape Capital.    It doesn’t  go together.  But it turns out that the million or so Colonizers-Who-Don’t-Look-Like-Swedes have so much contempt for mild manners and submissiveness that they regularly attack, beat, rob, and rape the people of the country which is giving these colonizers free homes, free food,  free medical care, and free schooling.

That’s the situation.

Here’s Sweden’s official Remedy:

Bracelets in Sweden

According to the news reports,  festival season is coming up soon, and many young Swedish women and girls will be out in public.    (Yes, they know enough now to stay INSIDE their homes in the evenings and in the nights according to other news articles,  but this is a public  celebration . . .you know,  for fun? )

So to keep the Swedish women safe,  the Stockholm (Swedish) police have issued . . .  bracelets!       Yes!       And the bracelets mean business!      Those bracelets say: “Don’t molest me.”

In Swedish.

bar dissolve er

The Swedish blood coursing through my veins is not coursing quietly right now.

Apparently modern Swedish  police”men”  think that a  violent crime can be stopped by the victim’s bracelet,  with a message, written in Swedish.

Which the Colonizers refuse to learn –  because,  contrary to Western wishes,  they do NOT assimilate,  according to actual observers.

They take possession of whatever land they are permitted to live in.


Yellow and blue.  My two favorite colors together.    On the Swedish flag.

I would like to  reintroduce to these descendants of Vikings . . .  a thing or two.



June 29, 2016

I came across an interesting word study today,  while preparing for this Fall’s class topic in Bible History:  Joshua.

I think this is one of the most misunderstood books in the Bible.  The book of Joshua sets forth a pretty straightforward narrative, full of drama and excitement and lessons for us,  but enemies of the Faith have taken portions of the events, without context and without meaning,  and flung them up  into the face of God,  arrogantly presuming that they have discovered a “dirty, dark secret”  in the Bible.


Well,  it’s this Joshua:

Joshua leading

After 400 years of servitude and slavery in a foreign land and after 40 years of traveling through the harsh desert,   someone had to lead the Israelites home, into their Promise Land,  and the man,  Joshua, was chosen for the task.

This is the Joshua that we sing about:  “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho –  Jericho – Jericho-o-o-o-o . . .   Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and the WALLS came tumbling down!”

Now, truth and wisdom and knowledge come to us by means of language, and these Israelites spoke an ancient form of Hebrew,  one close to the Hebrew spoken today.  Hebrew developed from a “proto-Hebrew” which scholars are still trying to understand more thoroughly.

Some speculate that this was the earliest language spoken in this part of the world.   Some speculate that this proto-Hebrew and its later written form resemble three-dimensional forms of communication “from the Hand of God.”


Both the written and spoken Hebrew contains mysteries and layers of meanings waiting to be discovered and to be understood  (when the student is ready).

Whatever really happened to this language,  we can be sure that God-Most-High, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob revealed Himself to humans,  spoke to certain ones,  and passed down His will and wisdom through certain people and events.

Joshua, speaking early Hebrew,  said to an inhabitant of Jericho:  “We will deal kindly and truly with thee. . . “     (Joshua 2:14)    The story is interesting,  but the word “truly”  as well as “true”  and “truth” is even more important for us to ponder.


Joshua had sent a message on ahead to the woman Rachab who promises to help them conquer the city and so the Israelite army will repay Rachab with kindness and truth.

The Hebrew word for truth, ‘emet’ (אמת), contains a deep lesson.

From Rabbi Benjamin Blech’s “The Secrets of Hebrew Words”   —     The word is comprised of three letters  (אמת)   and “requires for its essence the first letter   א/Alef,    the “One” standing for the Almighty.   Remove the initial letter Alef and all that remains is מת(mayt), meaning death. Without God there can be no truth.    In its place only death and destruction remain.”

God is the source of what is true.

Heaven smaller

He is the source of wisdom about what is true and real.  Delete Him from the equation,   any “equation,”   and you descend into uncertainty,  perplexity, confusion,  and all the nasty things that follow:   distrust, disunity,  struggles for power and dominance,  strife, wars, and death.

This isn’t just a lesson from “ancient days.”     Delete Christianity from out of a civilization and you have a Power-State that is founded upon deception and domination over its own citizens.    Lies prevail and the voters choose to be hoaxed by those they vote into office because they are desperate to believe in something.

But there is nothing one can count on, and the citizenry becomes cynical and discomfited.

Add back in The One,  the   א/Alef,     and you move  from  “death” and are ready to approach Life.

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

Jesus said, as He was about to leave us, “Behold, in my Father’s house are many mansions;  I go to prepare a place for you.   If it were not so, I would have told you.”  In other words,  I speak the truth –  I am leaving soon now in order to prepare a home for you, forever. 

Count on it.



June 29, 2016

Does it end


Well.  Easy to ask, not so easy to answer.

All this week  (this week of my absence from The Spruce Tunnel)  I’ve been discovering the No answer.

What I’ve been doing a lot of during these past few days is sorting through and thinning out my stuff,   chiefly my papers –  old printouts of old news articles that I saved to either use in my classes  or to back up my conversations, or just to reread, to see if anything got resolved.

And what I found out is that all of today’s news issues have been around for more than twenty years!   Many times I had to search for the date of a particular news article to find out which decade it belonged to.  Same stories.  Same issues.  Same people.   Same words!

The world has always had problems similar to ours, of course,  but really –  the same words?   It’s like recycled stories.


I don’t need to take up room here to give many examples of stories from 25 years ago and stories from today that are just about identical.   I did  make a list but you can make one yourself.

So:  when will it end?  Will it ever end?

The answer is   (1)   No.    No, because all these things arise from the desires,  urges, and lusts from within mankind in a Fallen world.    I study history.     I can tell you today’s issues are just our version of the same issues economic and political woes,  crime, deceit, and greed that we’ve always had in recorded history.

This  is the easy way.   Just accept what you’re told.    Just go along with the times.    Just don’t make waves, do the best you can.   

The answer is (2)    Yes.       Yes,  it will end,  because each of us can choose to be on the side of our Creator and learn from Him things like Redemption and Forgiveness,  Kindness,   Humbleness  (Humility),   Love . .  .

The “Yes” answer is the hardest way.   It takes effort and alertness and learning and understanding,  and then it takes  self-restraint and self-sacrifice to make the world around you a better place, and then it takes  pushing back and struggling for the good and decent things,  and fighting against the bad and the evil.

Who is it that said:  Right is right even though no one  is doing it;  wrong is wrong even though everyone else is doing it.          . . .      (St.  Augustine)

I think “Yes”  is the happier answer.    It produces dignity and self-worth and assurance and satisfaction.      And it creates a heart ready to meet God.

Because one more thing about the “Yes” answer –  it will end,  but not until Christ returns and “makes all things new”  as He promised.

Meanwhile,  that’s our goal.    That’s our model.    That’s our Example.

Live now as you wish to live then.

Click on the Yes or the No.





June 21, 2016

It’s been a tough family month, emotionally.     Father’s Day without a father and  without a Hubbie,  my children’s father.

These things happen.      We’ll all face loss.

Today is another one of those tough days.    Yes,  Strawberry Full Moon –


No,  “strawberry”  doesn’t mean the Full Moon this month is pink – unless the atmospheric conditions are just right,  smoke in the air perhaps, lots of dusty haze.  But it’s the  Full Moon closest to the time when strawberries are known to begin to ripen enough to eat. Big deal in the days before grocery stores and international food sources.   Wild berries are an excellent and necessary source of vital human nutrition . . . .

No,  this day’s  “toughness”  is because it’s also my Mom birthday.   June 21.    Summer Solstice.    Big deal to us Scandinavians, because this is the most light we get in a day all year.   From now on every day has a little less sunlight.   Not so we notice anymore….  But it will always make me think of my Mom.

One of my favorite photos of her.

Parents Mom cr

She was in her seventies when this photo was taken, I think, or just about.    Golden hair.  It never got gray.    She called her hair “feathers”  because it was thin and silky and resistant to hairdressers’  manipulations.    I loved to touch it.

She was not a pilot,  but she was a musician’s wife, and the musician,  my Dad,  was invited to play for some kind of airplane show one nice Florida afternoon.  And the musicians’  wives  “tag along.”

And that reminds me a lot about my Mom.   How often did she   “tag along” with her husband’s activities;  her daughters’  activities maybe;  to  family get-togethers.     In the 18 years that I lived with her,  I never knew her to complain about “having to go someplace”  but she could always be counted on to “be there”  where the family went.

And she was always cordial,   refined,   ladylike,  feminine,  gentle,  rock-solid anchor in our thoughts because she never got emotional about things.    She  never said an unkind, critical word;  I could trust in her steadiness,  check with her;  get some perspective on the swirling social things that sometimes build up and make us tense.

Oh, she wasn’t a  cypher,  she wasn’t a “nothing.”     She was mother, wife,  homemaker,  assistant to a vice president of a large insurance company in Chicago  (Yes,  I was a latch-key child;  my mother worked in days when that was rare.)     and she was half owner of a music store in a shopping mall and ran the business end of the store as well as waited on customers and gave music lessons.   Then another favorite job:  working in a used bookstore.  For someone who loved to read, this was a perfect “retirement”  job, and her customers loved her.  She was a remarkable quilter.   (How did she learn that?)

I’m trying to figure her out here.    She did so many things without question and without complaining.    I don’t know if she felt “strong,”  but in the end,  she was strong.  She kept going.     I don’t think anyone in her family was “easy” on her and not often “good” to her,  but it didn’t seem to matter.

I think she loved us and she loved us back, no matter what happened.

Maybe that was her strength.

Happy Birthday, Mom.     I still want to be like you.  You are still my example to be strong and to be gentle and ladylike and to love and you always, always knew that God exists.

My goodness,  how you loved!

You would be 90 years old today.





June 20, 2016

Well, a deception is a lie, a deliberately planned lie, to further an agenda.


Step 1.      Raw facts:     The  shooter of over a hundred people at the night club in Orlando, FL, called in to 911 immediately after and proclaimed: “I am the shooter.  I am a soldier of ISIS.  I did it because the US is bombing our territory in Syria  and Iraq) .    I did it for Allah.”     (Roughly speaking.   He spoke these words to the 911 operator in Arabic.)

Step 2.     Tell government spokesmen and news media people to remove all references to ISIS.     And  to “extremist.”     To  “jihadist.”      To “Islam.”

Step 3.      Change the word Allah to  God.    (Even though they mean the same thing and Christians in the  Middle East and  Arabic Christians,   say “Allah”  when they address the Christian God.)

Step 4.  Keep emphasizing that the victims were at a gay bar.   De-emphasize the fact that the shooter himself has committed acts of sodomy  and self-identifies as gay.   Keep putting doubts in the minds of the general public, despite witnesses who knew the man.  And his wife.

Step 5.  Keep emphasizing that the shooter used an “assault”  gun – even though he didn’t, and even though the caliber of bullets used were .223,  pretty darn small and not generally associated with any assault rifle.

Step 6.  Keep counting on the general public to not be aware of the details . . .  fuzzy thinkers are easily persuaded.


“The shooter was an unhappy man with a troubled youth.   He was an American citizen who just went crazy and used an evil gun to shoot at innocent gay people”, or whatever series of letters they want to call themselves by.

CONCLUSION:     This was merely a Hate Crime.      This calls for “stricter”  gun control laws – also left “fuzzy”  so that they can fill in the blanks later – and club anyone over the head who disagrees.

Therefore, we’ve gone from a follower of ISIS, who attacked and killed American citizens   . . .  to a “lone gunman”   who has committed a Hate Crime.


The Agenda of World Global Socialism, our Rulers:

Disarm the American people (by increments.)

Degrade the morality of the general public – (as per the Communist Manifesto – look that up, for goodess’ sakes!)

Deceive  the Western World as to who their enemy is.



June 19, 2016

Have a “good Sunday”?    A day of rest?   Staying out of the heat?    Well,  here’s one angry RANT,  speaking up because the “heat”  is about to get you.  (The Spruce Tunnel will return to Robin Babies around here in a little while.)

bar dissolve er

A while ago I said I wanted to do a “data dump”  or rather a “photo dump”  and clean up all the notes and photos I’d been collecting but was too heartsick to use.

So then I decided I wouldn’t do it,  I wouldn’t   “dump”  all my photos on you.

But now . . . I’m just going to do my part, getting that information out there,  because  if Americans are like the people we see on American TV,  even on the entertainment-news channels,  then WE’RE NOT GOING TO KNOW WHAT HIT US.   I’m pretty angry about that.

I don’t mind being in danger as much as I mind being lied to about the danger we’re in.

Some of the following photos are from this article today,    and maybe from some other sources I’ll indicate.

But first,  a caveat:   I’m not one of those who thinks Teddy Bears and Candles will change anything.


Je suis Saccharine!     Indeed!    Right on!    “I’m just so sweet and caring.   Luv will change the world!”   (I wondered how long it would take after the Orlando massacre for the cameras to bring out the “spontaneous”  candles and teddy bears vigil.  This isn’t Orlando, but now we’ve got our own photos of sweet tears and caring.)

” A MILLION MORE WHAT?”            I don’t know . . .  I’ll start with some mild headlines.   (Have you been keeping up with these headlines – and hundreds more like it?)

Copies of actual headlines:

Somali Muslim Open Fire, takes Hostages in Texas Walmart
Muslim Man In France Enters Police Officer’s Home, Stabs Him Nine Times And Then Takes His Wife And Child Hostage  (Further headlines revealed that the man stabbed the mother many times in front of the toddler before he was stopped.)

Thousands of Christians in German refugee shelters are being persecuted by Muslims, sometimes even by their security guards.

Obama’s Homeland Security Advisor is Syrian MIGRANT who CHEERS 9/11, it ‘CHANGED THE WORLD FOR THE GOOD’

Texas: Muslim Threatens to KILL Those Who Refuse to Accept Copies of the QURAN

Homeland Security PROHIBITED from Using ‘JIHAD’, ‘SHARIA’ — words that “DISRESPECT” Muslims

Middle East:  Muslims Beat Three Christians Giving Out Bibles With Iron Pipes And Kidnap Them, And Now Nobody Knows Where They Are

Remember How Muslims Stone Jews In Israel? Well Muslims Are Now Stoning Dutch People And Their Businesses In Holland

Syria:  Muslims Take Four Year Old Girl, Behead Her, And Then Force Her Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Daughter’s Blood

Major Islamic Terrorists Declare To All Americans: We Will Kill You In Your Schools And In Your Hospitals

Muslim Man Approaches And Repeatedly Stabs Random French Teen Girl In Public, Says He Did It Because She Was A ‘Human Sacrifice For Ramadan’

(I don’t have room for hundreds more)

Remember the stoning picture from the last post?  They keep doing it.

Is stones MORE

I’ve got tons of crucifixion photos.    At least this guy was killed first:

Is Killed first


Merciful, huh?   The Desert Warrior Crescent Moon God has a reputation for “mercy.”  Looks like they bandaged this guy up.    Afterwards.

Is bandages

We are being warned.      Imagine seeing this all over your city:

Is Warning.jpg

Now,  we either DENY  Jesus, who is the Son of God,   of One Substance with the Father, or we disobey the warning.    (Or at the very least, let this sign tell you what to think.)

Then we have some recent quotations from around the Western World, collected by a commenter named “politicalbelle”:

The following quotes are not from fringe players. These are the top officials representing the Muslim establishment in America today.
• Muzammil Siddiqi, chairman of both the Fiqh Council of North America, which dispenses Islamic rulings, and the North American Islamic Trust, which owns most of the mosques in the U.S.: “As Muslims, we should participate in the system to safeguard our interests and try to bring gradual change, (but) we must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction.”

• Omar Ahmad, co-founder of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the top Muslim lobby group in Washington: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”

• CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper: “I wouldn’t want to create the impression that I wouldn’t like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future.”

• Imam Siraj Wahhaj, director of the Muslim Alliance in North America: “In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing that will remain will be Islam.”

• Imam Zaid Shakir, co-founder of Zaytuna College in Berkeley, Calif.: “If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time. . . . What a great victory it will be for Islam to have this country in the fold and ranks of the Muslims.”…

 “. . .put a nationwide infrastructure in place . . . we shall take over this country (USA) in a very short time . . .What a great victory for Islam . . . “

These men of Islam are showing guts,  grit,  virility,  courage,  focus,  strength of purpose.   “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant.”  Is he lying about their purpose?

They tell us that the American Revolution was won at a time when only 10% of the American  colonists were actively seeking a break with England.

“Not every Muslim feels this way!”      That’s what the immediate push-back is.   But it’s a non sequitur.       There doesn’t have to be 100%   consensus among the Islamic colonists.

 So .  I have so much  more…. but that’s it for reports of contemporary activities.    I shall retreat into Lessons From History, next time something comes up.

The world doesn’t change.   “The more things change, the more things stay the same.”

Deal with it.


Bear snarl

Deal with the danger.

He’s praying you will NOT.

O getting ready to pray - Copy




June 18, 2016

It’s like watching one of those old movies.   The story is good,  but you can’t believe people would really act that way.

Headlines all over the place reported yesterday that we are well on the way to receiving a million more young Moslem men into our country.   We are not able to take care of the ones who have already been brought here.  There is not enough law enforcement;   not enough money to support them;   not enough room in our schools and hospitals;  not enough jobs for the ones who have already come.

But still, a million more will come this year:

O Try To Stop Me

He can’t be stopped.     The Barack Hussein person is not taking orders from the American people.      And neither are the Clintons.

So they are coming.  Here and in European countries.


They’re flown into our country in commercial airplanes – for free –  and brought to many cities,  none of which want them or can afford them.   A while ago I told you about the little town in southern Germany of a few hundred people which received notice that more than a thousand Middle Eastern people will be settled into their town.   That makes no sense.

They don’t even try to make sense to us.   And so we can’t even respond to nonsense.

Those that are not brought into our countries officially by our Rulers,   come any way they can.

migrant-crisis-calais-2.jpg colonization

You see,  these are not  “refugees.”  They are not  “immigrants.”

They are colonists.

Colonists who don’t intend to assimilate but who intend to overtake.

Sometimes they announced this by blocking  streets in  Europe:

Bow to ancient desert mg

They know what they are doing.  Young fighting men posing as “poor” refugees:



Truly.   Truly.   Truly,  they know what they’re doing.

Does it matter?



Does it matter that we America;  Denmark;   Holland;  France;  England;  Germany . . .   We are all receiving colonists from the same culture.   The warning is the same for all of us:

German Warning Poster

Yes,  genocide.

Genocide against white people.

ISIS bruised

A mother whose young son was beaten up on his playground by sons of these colonists.   and the authorities told her they could do nothing.

Young European women all over are being raped and beaten and then later tell authorities that they couldn’t report the crime – because they were afraid that they would get into trouble.   Yeah – what kind of white person wouldn’t welcome “immigrants”?   The young women repeatedly said they were afraid of being called “xenophobic.”

Always name-calling to keep us in our place.

The historian in me watches in disbelief  as  European and American countries  do nothing. Like someone made a bad movie and didn’t understand how Men fight back.  Human beings don’t just act like that:      roll over and play . . .   nice.









June 17, 2016

Just some stuff;  just FYI on a Friday.

Well,  the words we use are all mixed up.    The words we hear are all mixed up.  If you don’t have an internal compass,  a well-formed conscience,  a spiritual anchor —  it’s hard to make sense out of things – or to even reach a conclusion that you can be sure of.

There are two ways to rearrange those words in the title:

Why should we fight

Why we should fight

Two mutually incompatible thoughts, when you think of it.

cross I’m going to tell you some Dark Tales for a while, because it’s Friday today.      Christendom honors this as the day Christ died;  for our sins;  to bring grace and a “fountain” of blessings to the world;  and to make peace between our souls and God, and hence, peace  between one man and another.  Christ died for the sins we commit against each other, and to take that away.

Christ died so we won’t have to have Dark Tales to tell.

bar dissolve er

Once again the Western World is under ACTIVE attack from the Moslem world.    Wave after wave throughout fourteen centuries,  these attacks have been repeated.   By turning our attention to the attackers  (see Sun Tzu on  identifying the enemy)  we have discovered horrifying details about our attackers, even when they’re not busy killing us.

Their use of women,  for instance.    Chivalry arose in the Western World, as a natural outflow  of Christian values.  ( . . .  not the stern male-dominance  of the Puritan,  Calvinistic version of Christianity . . .)     However . . .

 Chivalry could not have arisen in the Moslem world.  (That’s a plain, declarative statement, worthy of the writing style of Ernest Hemingway.)

Women just sit and wait . . . .


Rounded up, at gunpoint:


Where the women are kept:


Dungeons in the sand

The Western photographers who came across these holes in the ground call them Dungeons.   There were women in there.   Waiting.

Then they are taken out,  displayed,  chosen by some man,  used,  used up,  sold to the next man,  used,  used up . . .   for however long.   More comfortable in the dungeon, I would think, although down there is fear,  horror,  worry,   hunger, thirst, discomfort,  pain, and injury.   

Women who have been rescued speak of repeated rapes,  beatings . . .  and then there is always this:


The man on the right, in white,  is standing in your way.   What you could be seeing is a woman,  all in black, lying on the ground.   Those little white dots on the ground?   


Like the stones in the hands of some of the men.

It should stir our hearts to realize that this is not an uncommon scene.   It’s “okay,” though.  It’s sanctioned.     That means it’s okayed by their law.     The ones who are attacking the Western World.

shariah will

Why should we fight?   Or:  Why we should fight.

Or is it a little unclear:   Should why fight we?

Now America is being attacked.     Americans are deciding, I guess,  while the Barack Hussein person is doing all he can to hold us back:

O Islam saying

He’s wrong, you know.     Once te United States did fight back , to protect our interests  “on the shores of Tripoli” —  and that’s why the United States Marines were constituted.

By Thomas Jefferson.

And the Moslem pirates,  those Barbary Pirates,  stayed quiet for almost two hundred years.

I know some Marines.  I’m quite sure they are ready to protect us.


June 15, 2016

Robin angry birds

I like playing the game.  No big deal,  but it’s a fun way to pass some time – if you’ve got some time you want to have passed away from you.

But it’s NOT fun living inside an Angry Birds screen.     The birds around here are crazy –  and think they own the place, it would seem.

Two evenings ago, I decided to take my evening reading out to the deck and enjoy a cool summer evening overlooking my backyard pond, as the low sun shone on it.


I opened the door and walked out — to a flurry of heavy wings and angry quacks.   I had disturbed the ducks who were also enjoying the evening along the banks of the pond.  They were not happy with me.

I’ve already given up my front porch this summer – to Mother Robin.

Robin angry bird

Last year it was Mother Cardinal,  this year it’s a robin who packed my porch light tight full with stuff.     It’s a  G R E A T  disturbance whenever I walk out the front door.  I do feel a bit guilty.    I’ve been pregnant.   I know what it’s like to  be disturbed once you’ve found a comfortable seat to relax in.

robin angry watching

Mother flies off in a “huff”  or what sounds like a bird huff, and sits on the grass nearby,  “barking”  at me in robin-speak.  It could be kind of cute, but the longer I stay outside  (like planting flowers, doing a little weeding. . . )  the more it gets annoying.

Which is, I suppose, her intention.

I leave.   She goes back to my porch light.

It’s always been like this –  Birds First.        I remember one time I went out on my back deck to just . . .  well, to actually pray for a brief moment out there.  My eyes were closed, when suddenly I felt a Presence – at my cheekbone.    And I heard an intermittent, loud buzzing.   When I slowly opened my eyes,  I saw a blurring motion right at the tip of my nose.  It was a curious hummingbird, looking for a landing, I think.  Or maybe I had just had some orange juice.

But too close for comfort!     My nose is close to my eyeballs!   I wrote about it in a post called Fawn Fun, here….

Back door.  Front door.  It’s enough to make one stay indoors for the Duration.

And to make one remember from whom the birds descended:

bird dino




JUNE 13, 1917

June 13, 2016

I had hoped to write a remembrance of May 13, 1917 –   I’m sorry,  I couldn’t get to it last month,  but it would have been important because it was the first of six visions seen by the three little children of Portugal (and by thousands of ordinary people).

fatima 3

Just ordinary children.

They really didn’t know how many times they would be coming to the little tree,  the holm oak tree, on the 13th of the month,  but in June, it was the second time.

As usual,  on that day,  they began to see a brilliant light come towards them.   They called it the “lightning”  although it didn’t always flash suddenly like lightning would.  The people around them, watching,  didn’t see the brilliance of the light,  but they experienced a slight dimming of the sunlight,  a slight cooling of the air,  and a slight sound, like the “buzzing of bees inside a closed container.”

The children felt a holy presence, just like the previous month;  they approached, and they knelt.


The people watched.

What the children saw is the “Beautiful Lady”  from heaven, who stretched out her hands and allowed  brilliant shafts of light, like living light, reach towards the ground.   The light seemed to enter their bodies, and they wanted to be in that light, and with that Light.

The eldest of the three children was told that, no, she can’t go into that light of Heaven just yet,  but that her two young companions will go to Heaven soon.   (A reality, as it turned out.)  It looked for a while like her young friends were enfolded in the part of the light that was moving upwards.  She herself,  Lucia,  was in the part of the brilliant shaft of light that was moving towards the earth.

Interesting image.

Nothing much more, this June 13, 1917.   Just,  Lucia was told to learn how to read.     All three were supposed to pray more;  to pray the rosary every day – and properly!  –  and also to make reparations for the terrible immorality and sinning in the world of 1917.

(Oh, yes –  if you knew your history, you’d know what terrible evil acts were being done by human beings.     X-rated and sickening.     History is not for the squeamish.)

They saw a heart encircled by thorns in the Lady’s hand.   The thorns, the sorrows.

The eyewitnesses had been watching the little tree in front of the children, the holm oak tree.   When the vision started, it looked like “something”  had bent the top leaves and branches down a little bit.   When the vision ended, it looked like they stood up again, and were being drawn slightly towards the east,   the direction where the children later pointed that the Lady had departed towards.    They didn’t return to their positions until a few hours later.

Shrug your shoulders for this vision.   Not much seemed to have happened there.

But the children were to come back next month.




June 13, 2016

It’s incumbent upon us in a free society  to know the “whole story.”   What is real and what is not real.


A collison!

 I’ll bet the serious Muslim President Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan were surprised  when they were rejected by the artificially created but politically correct form of Political Black Supremacist “Islam”  in America!    Actually, it’s  a little embarrassing . .  . .

When  they heard that a “great celebrity”  (Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali)  had died and that the American News media  is presenting a great public funeral  for him,  President Erdogan and King Abdullah planned to come to America to pay highest respects to the fallen boxer because they heard that he practiced some form of Islam.    Black Muslim.   Radical Black Supremacist politics.    Nation of Islam.   (“Let all white men in America go back to Europe.”    “Black Power!”   “Watch that Number 19.”)

 President Erdogan comes with an object in his hands,  a piece of something sacred to Islam –  and he is prepared to place it on the coffin of this boxer.    Right?   I hope you’ve heard about that.  A high honor in the Muslim  world.  And Erdogan and Abdullah are  each prepared to give a little speech in honor of this (Muslim)  boxer.

But neither President Erdogan nor King Abdullah  were allowed to speak, as they had planned.   They had been bumped off the program: 

In the lead-up to the funeral service of Cassius Clay-Ali, Ali family’s spokesman Bob Gunnell had said that two unnamed speakers had been added to the program, meaning that foreign guests Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan would no longer be able to deliver a speech, The Washington Post reported.

 The two returned home.     Rejected.      Dishonored.   Publicly dissed.

The real Muslim world had come to pay respects.     The fabricated political Muslim world had not welcomed them.


The real Muslim world had met the fakery of American radical politics.

bar dissolve er
This famous former boxer,  now deceased,   has spoken, into microphones, some of the most racist and blasphemous words ever displayed by the radical politics of the Sixties and Seventies —  but.     But.    But  “Nation of Islam”  radical politics makes him a “Muslim”  when it’s convenient to emphasize his sincerity and excuse his actions.  

Inciting racial hatred, for instance.  

Draft dodging, for instance:    Letting another young man take his place in a war, at a time of war.    (Well, Nation of Islam doesn’t believe in the same principles as Americans do;  why would they fight their wars?)
What real and what’s not real?




















It was a collision!  And not a pretty one.   I just hope there won’t be consequences to us.



June 13, 2016

Morphing can be fun.   Some of us having a morphing function on our cell phone photo edits.    One thing turns into another.

Which can be the problem, if one thing shouldn’t turn into another.  And if something that is quite clear can be made to seem, well . . .   “fuzzy.”


We all saw these pictures (more or less)  from early Sunday morning’s mass killing in Florida.

If you read newspapers from around the world,  you would have read that an “ISIS fanatic” killed 50 people in a night club early Sunday morning.”     (To quote some headlines:  “Islamic Terrorist Kills 50”“Ramadan Massacre in Orlando”)

Like most of you, in the aftermath of the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida,   I watched a couple entertainment-news channels on Sunday,  flipping back and forth between at least two of them (and also a sports channel . . .) .

LIGHTS 11 325
I observed an interesting thing.     For the first couple of hours the information was pretty much the same.  Different witnesses,  different speakers,  but the same news story.     A little bit of new information trickled in from time to time but it was the same message:  Americans had been attacked in a night club.   The killer was a  Muslim, increasingly devout and religious over the past few years.    The killer had contacted ISIS before (or during)  his shooting spree.   ISIS had made a public statement of approval  just after the killing.

Message:  How can America  protect itself against future attacks?   How could this have been prevented?    Could it have been prevented?    Was the killer “inspired by”  or  “directed by”  ISIS?        (I don’t know,   he made two trips to Saudi Arabia . . .  anything could have happened there.)

As I watched   one entertainment news channel,  these questions were explored by various guests,    and eyewitnesses continued to be found and brought before their cameras.   Like the “free and open debates”  so necessary for a free society.

However, on the other entertainment-news channel,  I watched in fascination as the Message changed;  America was attacked so why does America deserve to be attacked?     After a brief time raising the question of how adequate our intelligence is in the “war” on terrorism  –  Nope,   didn’t matter.      This became a possible “hate crime.”   This was a hate crime.   (I knew where that was going then.)

It was a hate crime.  A lone wolf hate crime.   Not connected to anything else except victimizing the night club people for how they identify themselves.    Nice innocent night club people, “just like any other American.”    So the PC drumbeat goes.

The attack on Americans was turned around into a scathing criticism of “haters”  and of  Christians and of any  American citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.


The morphing of the Message:

The message on one entertainment-new channel was how to prevent more attacks like this in our country,  starting with let’s identify the enemy, lets identify our own weaknesses,  let’s identify a better strategy.

On the other entertainment-news channel  it became   let’s attack the hateful Christians and their guns.

The message had morphed.

Who does your thinking for you?

bar dissolve er

Perhaps a public statement by those close to the murderous deed would help: 

 Islamic State reiterated on Monday a claim of responsibility:   “One of the Caliphate’s soldiers in America carried out a security invasion where he was able to enter a crusader gathering at a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando,” the group said in a broadcast on its Albayan Radio.

bar dissolve er
So,  O thou Crusader,  who you gonna believe?



June 9, 2016

Well, it’s been 60 degrees inside my house for the past couple days.    I feel the cool air more when I move through it.    If I keep moving, of course, I warm up, but my first inclination is to find a nice cozy quilt-cave to wait out this cold spell.    (Was  it just yesterday that I called my goldfish the Sissies?)

So,  me –


It’s fleece jackets, quilts, and books for me for a while.   And thinking.  (If you lived in my head, I think . . .  I really think you’d have a lot of fun.)

The thinking that my mind does comes from many angles, and sometimes the thoughts converge.     Today:  (1)  –  It’s Thursday, and I’m reminded by my common daily prayers that this is the day of the week that the Last Supper occurred;  and Christ told us:  “This is My Body.”   and then (2)   just a week or so ago was the Feast Day of Corpus Christi,  reminding us to think about  what This Is My Body really means.    And (3)   Thursday leads to Friday, the day which Jesus actually gave His “broken” Body in self-sacrifice for us . . .  which leads to Saturday,  Our Lady’s Day, alone with her thoughts,    and then Sunday . . . what it was all for.

Thursday to Friday to Saturday to Sunday . . .

Like climbing a  beautiful mountain,  beginning with Thursday leading all the way up to the summit of Sunday!       (Because we don’t just “remember”  these things;  we’re supposed to internalize them in amazed wonder . . .  and gratitude, if we really understand everything.     I’m running out of years, Dear Readers,  to get this right.)

(4)   So – my Dad?   My poor Dad?

A long, long time ago I enrolled in Arizona State University.  Wa-a-a-a-y   across the country.     My parents,  in a surprising gesture of generosity,  offered to drive me out there — because they needed to see that part of the country too.

LP  station wagon cr

I was 19 years old and the proud  “owner”  of two baby sisters, 2 and 4 years old that year.

We posed them in front of all the interesting scenery during that trip.

LP  sisters i front cr

I put them on top of everything,  so I could take their picture;  rocks, barrels, roadside signs,  touristy objects,   fake mules  :

LP Sisters on Top cr

And we, the whole family,  traveled through strange-looking territory:

LP strange places cr

Funny,  I do actually remember taking all these photos.   Like the proverbial  yesterday.

My Mom was often busy taking care of the little ones,  and that left my Dad and me free to explore the sites more intensely.      We were strong and adventurous.     I was 19, as I said,  and my Dad was an “impossibly” young 38 years old.

I thought he was invincible.

Somewhere along the trip we came to Long’s Peak, Colorado.      14259 ft.

Long's Peak

And there were signs all over about Hiking Trails and Climbing Long’s Peak —  and it sounded like a good adventure.     I don’t know if we went right to the very peak, where the mountain comes to a small point,  but we came pretty close.   I remember seeing signs for  “12,000”  feet and then “13,000”  feet, with arrows pointing onward and upward.

Here,  if you want to do it:

Long's Peak Trail

At about that 12,000 feet sign my Dad said something I thought I’d never hear him say:  “Let’s  stop and rest for a  little while.”

Oh, sure –  a chance for me to take lots of photos!      But my Dad didn’t.

And then, we went farther on,  higher and higher … until my Dad said something again.   Something like “Do you think we’ve gone far enough?”    He  sounded very much out of breath.

(Something I understand now whenever I visit my grandchild who lives  in the high altitudes of the Sierras.)

I said I wanted to take his picture, a photo of his accomplishment, so he put on a smile:

LP  Dad on Peak 400 cr

Right after that photo,  he plopped down hard on the ground – and shook his head in a rather frightening way but he didn’t say anything.   And I looked at him and he looked kind of funny.   The skin on his face was blotchy, white patches and red patches.  I’ll never forget those colors.

We had climbed longer and farther than most of the other people on the mountain that day.     It occurred to me that my Dad was in trouble and there was no way I could get him down the mountain and back to our car by myself.    My mind just went blank at the thought that my hiking enthusiasm  … might … have ….   killed him!

I should have been watching over him!   I should have been aware!

Well, he recovered.   He was young and strong – Viking stock.    We made it downhill and back to my rather concerned young mother . . . .

My Dad and I have talked about this incident occasionally.   He remembers how he felt,   but most of all what he remembers, and what he talks about,  was how glorious it was near the top of Long’s Peak.   What magnificent scenery.   How  beautiful, how lovely —  an amazing, thrilling adventure with no regrets.   And he was glad I had gone with him!

Climbing a mountain –   like  Thursday, Friday,  Saturday, and Sunday.

Honestly –  the thrill is so similar.  So real.   so life-and-death.


June 7, 2016

This must be Sissy Weather –

Sissy Pond

See any goldfish in there?     Nope.

I have more than three dozen so far this year, and they’ve all disappeared because it got a little chilly out there.   The big sissies.   They’ve been gone all day.

For my part,  I’ve been enjoying the cool winds all day.   I kept the windows open today, in 62 degree temperatures, so now my house is . . .  about 62 degrees inside.   It’s going to get down to the low 50s tonight – and I’m NOT turning on my furnace.    Quilts,   hot tea, and a stack of books are what cold houses are for!

We’ll see.

Sisssy herbs

The Weather Channel has not announced our three or four spells of “unseasonably:  cold weather this Spring  –  temperatures   “way below average.”    (They do, however,  enthusiastically announce wherever the temperatures are warmer than average.  Must be that that “climate change” is going in only one direction.)

I’ve been much more active in this cool weather.

I’m just getting started on my herb garden,  and I promised myself I’d take a year or two off of tomato growing.  Maybe the Great Midwestern Tomato Blight will be done by then.    I live around enough Amish farmers to make a trip to the Farmer’s Market a  better alternative.


All of my neighbors are busy trying to keep up with late Spring yard chores, so that the summer’s growth doesn’t become overwhelming.    Like these pretty flowers surrounding St. Joseph –

sissy invasion

I didn’t plant those flowers.    Every day they seem to get bigger and thicker.   Turns out they are an “invasive species”  and they are efficiently invading my space.   So rather than “growing” things  this year,  my summer will be busy “ungrowing”  things.

Sometimes we need to  stop growing things,  to “ungrow,”  to cut back, to weed out — oh, I think I’m talking other things:  my books,  my extra possessions that are “extra”  for no particular purpose,   all my photos,   and all the photos on my computer desktop waiting to be used . . .

I’ve just taken a kind of interlude from more serious issues.    I need the courage and prudence to say things in just the right way,  because our civilization is at stake.   It’s so easy to let it go,   to make no remarks,   for “good people to do nothing,”  —  to be a big Sissy.

Sissy white pond

Well.      That’s not our gray sky through the trees.   That’s still looking down at the pond, at the empty pond;  still nobody there.

The big sissies.


June 4, 2016

The topic of Friday’s Bible Study class:

Rye Bread


Bread.    Real bread.    Rye bread, as a matter of fact.     We had been discussing the kind of bread that Jesus would have used during the last supper,  the size and shape of it, and of course,  since it was the age-old feast of Corpus Christi,   we went on to discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life . . .

I told them I make a round-shaped bread once in a while,  just like what was commonly made way back then.     “Limpa,”  it’s called.    My Mom called it Swedish Limpa, but I noticed in a recipe book it was called Finnish Limpa.    No matter.   I am of both heritages.

The class and I decided that rye bread is best eaten toasted,   heavily buttered,  and spread thickly with the finest Scottish orange marmalade.

So that’s what I provided for Friday morning’s class this week.  Including my toaster!

After class I stopped off at the store and found some really good “hot dogs” with no artificial ingredients,  no chemicals,  no nitrites and nitrates.   Good enough!    Then  I wanted some buns,  but after reading the label on every bun package in the “bread” aisle,  I just couldn’t buy and of those . . .  things.  I needed real buns.


So I made them.   Hamburgers and hot dog buns.      Real buns.  Real bread.

Last week,   all our classes converged on that great Feast Day of old,  Corpus Christi.   (The Body of Christ.   “This is My Body,”  He said.)

It’s a feast day all about Bread.   The Bread of Life and why it’s called that.     What is real bread and what is Real Bread –  or the Real Presence,  the Real Substance,   of the Bread.   The unseen spiritual world permeates this world,  and is just as real as the world we see, and is not temporary.     God in the unseen spiritual world sustains the existence of this world, in just the manner He wants it to be.

When something real  is above our ability to understand, we call it a Mystery –   from which we get the Latin word Sacrament.

Jesus at First Mass

How is it that Jesus “blessed and consecrated”  bread and gave it to His disciples, saying “This is my body” ?      Is.     Be careful not to erase the Mystery of “is.”

It has sustained the Church for almost 2,000 years.

Take part in this “until He returns.”

Take part in the Real thing.   “Accept no substitutes,”  as they say,  because only the Real thing is everlasting.








Why Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life.   “We become what we eat,”  the Early Church Fathers said.    ,that is Christ Himself, veiled, so as to have the most intimate communion with a human soul.


June 4, 2016


My tribute to Cassius Clay   

cassius clay

–    the given Christian name of Mohammed Ali.

I have no comment on his personal life.      And I suppose if I changed my name to something that represents a new religious identity,  I’d want to be known publicly by that name too.

Nevertheless,  I first “met”  him as Cassius Clay,  the greatest boxer I had ever seen — second only to  Rocky Marciano, of course,  Undefeated American Heavyweight Champion.  I can’t remember if Cassius Clay ever went undefeated for long, but it doesn’t matter –  he was one of the greats too.

Every Friday night,  my Dad and I watched the Friday Night Boxing Match,  on a  small TV;  black and white pictures.    This was when boxing was still a sport, long before it —   well, changed into something I wouldn’t spend time on today.     We had our favorites back then, of course,  but we saw  some of the greatest matches of that age.

But the wonder of it all was that it was my Dad and I watching those games.

A wonderful miracle, really.

I was a little girl, and he was . . . a Marine –   an “ex”-Marine, he called himself,  of the WWII variety:   big,  strong,  masculine,  and very, very sure of himself and the righteousness of his opinions.      I spent most of my life alternately scared of and cautious around my Dad –  all except for Friday nights.

Then he wasn’t scary.  He wasn’t dangerous with incomprehensible bouts of “masculinity.”   He was like a friend,  a fellow fan of the Friday Night Fights.

And this did a lot for my growing sense of femininity.

“My big, male,  Daddy”  —  liked my company, during these boxing matches.    His respect for me  gave me a  sense of being valued.      His friendship for those few hours a week  healed a thousand wounds.

A Dad, a daughter, and some of the greatest boxing matches this world has ever known!

And my thanks to “Mohammed Ali.”  May God have mercy on his poor soul.





June 3, 2016

(3 V words for 2 choices)



Well,  if some of you went ahead and read yesterday’s post in spite of my warning not to,  you’ll understand that there are two Junes to choose from this year.  One of inexpressibly strong Love for you ending in such wonderful good and happiness that we don’t even have words to express it;  and the other “June” of the degradation of human dignity and worth . . .   ending in unspeakable horror and fear.

(Well, that lays it out.  Two choices.  No confusion there.)


Funny, but the first June of Love gives absolute freedom;  the other June leads to more and more uncomfortable restrictions – and things will happen which you do not choose.

In the second “June”  you are caught – as in a vice.

Vice grip

When I was a young girl I often had to “help” my Dad in his workshop.   I had to hold something while he worked on it.   My little girl muscles were often not strong enough, so my Dad would go get his “vice grip” as he called it, to hold the thing down.  I was often astonished at how firmly the vice would hold onto something.   There was no getting free!

bear trap

I’d also read many stories of pioneer days in our country’s history,  trappers and explorers,  cowboys and settlers.   Occasionally there would be a description of animal traps –  bear traps. The trap would hold the bear in a vice-like grip,  and it would work.   the troublesome, man-eating bear could be dealt with.

There is another use of the word “vice.”        —   ouch!

bear trap into

City police departments used to have a Vice Squad,  made of officers and detectives who were experts in rooting out the vice of their city.

So what is Vice?    Any deviant or unlawful or unhealthy behavior which traps a person like a vice grip so strongly that the person will do anything – even commit a crime – in order to repeat that behavior.



Vice brings us to Voltaire…   one of the most famous promoters of Vice.  This famous man of the 18th century who, when we’re given only half the story,  is a man held up as some kind of cultural hero of his day:  the man who spread the values of the  misnamed  En”light”enment and of the consequent French Revolution,  all the atheistic “-isms” of the 19th century,  and the following most vice-ridden, murderous century of all,  the 20th.

If you educate yourself further than what textbooks present to you,  you would see that Voltaire was a man of great vices,  including all of the sexual behaviors which become vices,  such as that recently  promoted by the politician put in the office of the American presidency.

It was Voltaire’s stated intent to break down the social and moral barriers of Western Civilization — and specifically of the Christian values which allowed Western Civilization to exist.     All Christian values.    He did it with such amazing boldness and with such skillful, enticing writing and conversation,  that it seemed as though he was a “gentleman” of great worth.

No gentleman, he.     The exact way that Voltaire and like thinkers influenced their Age and Ages to follow is a fascinating history.   It’s like watching an army of workshop Vice Grips march into human society,   corrupting the culture, ruining lives and religious faith  wherever it succeeded.    All in the name of being New and Modern and Courageous, of course.

The Final end of Vice?  Like the final end of Voltaire.  


It is frightening.    To those who witnessed his dying days,  it was horrifying.  Voltaire died with anger and hatred on his lips,  shouting out in  pain and fear all manner of blame and blasphemies against the God he hated and had convinced himself did not exist!   It was a  hard death.   He knew things now,  and he fought against that which he was knowing.     (I believe similar “endings”  were witnessed as Nietzsche died and . .  .  was it Kant also?   These “giants”  of  Modernist philosophy died shouting out their terror and hatred toward God — and interestingly,  toward their own fathers.)

Oh, yes,  heroes of 20th century textbooks.

A life of vice leads to a terrible dying,  if it’s a slow and conscious one;   but, at any rate,   to a terrible ending for all caught up in unrepented vice.


“with strong and violent force”

palm trees  in wind

That leads to the last dictionary word:  vehemence.     Those who are dedicated to the ways of “freedom from moral restraint”  sometimes display the most surprising and unexpected vehemence somewhere in their conversation.

I’ve seen it.   I’ll be in a group that is simply talking, conversing,  exploring ideas,  when suddenly someone will take great offense — or rather: GREAT OFFENSE!  — at what someone said.    They CANNOT BELIEVE  that anyone would dare to call  such and such a thing wrong!   How INSULTING!    How WRONG of you to say something is wrong!!   It seems totally out of character of the person who was part of our group.  That vehement anger must have been lying in wait,  to strike out at the first mention of moral goodness,  God,  self-restraint,   self-discipline,  or religious values.

The vehemence comes with insulting accusations and character assassinations that would knock over a whole forest of trees.   It is a rhetorical tactic used to shut up one’s conversational opponent.    Violent words,  violent actions.   No reasoning.


This “other” month of June,  a month ordering us to honor those trapped in vice and moral turpitude (which Voltaire would, of course, call “freedom”)   is certainly a choice that American citizens have available to them.

How DARE we not go along?    How DARE we object?     Our response may be “prudent silence”  —  but it’s hard to distinguish silence from timidity.

Qui tacet consentire videtur.








June 2, 2016

Still contemplating which R word to use (Recover, Restore, Rebuild) —  but in this post I really mean   R-Rated,  and unless you’re a child of the 20th century and inured to perversion and immorality,  please don’t go on.      I wouldn’t let my family read this.  It’s not . . .  ladylike.

So,   don’t.    You’ve been warned.

JUNE # 1

June to fix

The lovely month of June is here!     Blooming Gardens,  Brooding Birds,   and Blushing Brides .

Good things that celebrate love and life!

June was named for the Roman goddess Juno who represented  matrimony and childbirth.   Families are the foundation of any healthy society,  and the Romans honored family and family connections.

In Christendom,  June is also known as the month of weddings,  *    a time to celebrate Holy Matrimony,   the foundation for family and the setting for rearing children.    The Church adds one deeper dimension:     June is the month dedicated to the celebration of The Sacred  Heart.

When I entered the Church, this symbol –

sacred heart

–   with its red heart surrounded by a crown of thorns,  burning flames, and dripping blood   was “embarrassingly”  overly sentimental.  It took me a little time to accept the Intense (burning)  Love that Our Crucified Lord actually had – for me!

Now I understand the symbol,  but  like any human being,  I also . . .  forget.    I know,  but I don’t feel it all the time.     Sometimes I remember when I used to roll my eyes at such a symbol –  and then I have to think about the True God that came to die for me in order that I may have eternal life in God’s good Heaven, where no sinner deserves to be.

So the Church, in her wisdom,  has developed the tradition of  appointing the whole month of June for us to think more deeply on these things.

A God who loves and cares!   Deo gratias!

JUNE  #  2

Now, we live in two worlds.   St. Augustine called it Two Cities.    We leave the City of God now, with its Natural Seasons and Natural Law,  and look briefly at that other city;    it’s temporary and R-Rated,  much to our sorrow.

An attempt to command –


O Not gonna have mine

The man they have placed into the American White House has –  in  diabolic defiance to Nature –    “ordered”  this country to celebrate un-Natural acts.

(Want the official White House proclamation?    Go   Here . . . )

Defying Nature is Un-Natural,  as in a roaring lion rolling over on its back, exposing its throat to a bunny rabbit . . .

Lion sent

A bunny coming?

. . .     Un-Natural  as  a butterfly swimming under water;

. . .    as  a hippopotamus “boinking”  a giraffe –  or trying to.    (Boinking –  you know  . . .  poking into.)

Each creature is made with certain characteristics for which it is Natural to do the things it was designed for.   An ear is for hearing.   A mouth is for eating.   Other parts of the body fit into other parts of another body.

Yet this man who is known to have been a  member  of two   (TWO!)   gay bath houses in Chicago,     has taken this lovely month of June and is trying to PUBLICLY  besmirch it . . .

(TAKE NOTE:  I’m writing about observable, objective undeniable  practices) — 

. . .   encouraging practices  which place a human mouth on another person’s . . . place where it’s icky to put it.     Or thrust one’s hand inside in order to find . . .   squishy substances.

Practices which always  result in damage to delicate tissue.      (As I said a few posts ago,  I worked in a hospital for four years.   Pediatrics, yes,  but sometimes I was pulled to help out in the emergency room.    You wouldn’t believe some of the things one man can do to another.)

Practices which encourage the spread of disease from one person to another.

Practices which according to government studies have increased the cost of healthcare and   burdened the economy with lost work days and lost productivity.  Government studies;  not someone’s “opinions.”

Practices which result in higher rates of depression,  psychological sickness, and violent abuse (statistically speaking)  of one’s partner in shame.    (so-called “spouse abuse”)   Just according to statistics.       Objective numbers.

Practices which violate the sanctity of the Natural family.

Practices which therefore a healthy society has always regarded with shame and  then outlawed – and punished.

The man encourages practices which violate his own religious preferences –

O presofus

—  and wishes citizens of this country to violate theirs.

Two Junes.   Two Months of Junes.

The contrast is clear.     And we can let it go,  or we can choose to live as human beings, repairing and rebuilding and  elevating our society into a state of dignity and respect.

bar dissolve er

Okay.  So maybe this post was X-Rated.        It’s hard to be ladylike and truthful about a 20th century-type society.

But NOTE AGAIN:   I speak of Practices;  actions,   not of persons.    Practices happen and can be objectively observed.

bar dissolve er


. *     Please don’t fall for the anti-Christian myth that puts forth June as the month for weddings because in the Middle Ages people were dirty and took baths only once a year when the weather got   warmer and so their bodies were less offensive in June.

Gullible college professors should be ashamed to continue that slanderous story in front of their uneducated students.










June 1, 2016

(some backyard philosophy today,  from ducks to caesars.)

I wrote in the last post about an amazing new fact I learned recently:  that a bumble bee’s mouth is filled with little hairs!   Yuck.    But they serve as receptors for important little electrical signals put out by … flower petals!

Honestly!    All of  creation fits together in the most remarkable ways, one part made for the other.    Creation  works:

DUCKS to crop

It’s spring, and the ducks have returned to my backyard pond.   When they are resting like this they signal peace.  Peace in my backyard.   Peace.    Sometimes I’m consciously grateful for the time to watch them for a while.    They are there because “All’s right with the world,”  however temporarily for them.

Another sign of nature working well:

Bird closeup

Well, it works well for her, at least.   She’s made her nest – and laid her eggs now –  in the porch light just outside my front door.   That means, once again, that I can’t use my front door for a while;  and it means I have to duct-tape over the light switch or else the light bulb turned on  will set fire to the nest (as it almost did last year).

But for her – and we’re beginning to think this is Mama Robin – she has found a peaceful place to make a home and nurture her chicks.      “All’s right with (her) world.”

We can multiply this millions of times in the natural world.

However, when it comes to humans, who are part of the natural world,  well, we sometimes get in  the way of our own well-being.    Observe this excerpt from a famous poem . . .

The year’s at the spring,
And day’s at the morn;
Morning’s at seven;
The hill-side’s dew-pearled;
The lark’s on the wing;
The snail’s on the thorn;
God’s in his Heaven –
All’s right with the world!

( by Robert Browning.)*   It’s a portion of a poem that presents the terrible life a young girl who has been oppressed and ground down by her society.    Society  (politics and culture and social conventions)  had gotten so far from the natural order of Creation that a young girl is cruelly victimized unto death.    That society was in the midst of its collapse.

collapsing building

Yet  look at the context in which this societal collapse took place!

“The year’s at the Spring” – as usual –  “the day’s at the morn” –  as expected –    “the lark’s on the wing” – as normal  –  All of nature works, just as the Creator  created it.     And what does Nature care of the risings and fallings of societies and civilizations — which have learned to ignore natural, commonsense ways of Truth and Reality? 

We build ourselves up:

collapsing cards cr

Oh, yeah –  you just know what’s going to happen next!     One unstable house of cards;  one push;  one gust of wind;   one accident;  one deliberate undermining of the foundational layer.

Poof!    The house of cards that man has built lies in a heap – to be discovered, perhaps,  by archeologists thousands of years in the future.

There are certain truths about who and what Man is that cannot be contradicted for very long.    Natural laws  determine human growth beginning from a few cells to mature old age;  one of two sexes;  fresh and clean air, water, and food for optimum health;  and certain ways to associate with each other, summarized efficiently in the Ten Commandments, for instance.

Here is one Truth about Man:     “. . .  man was formed for society . .  .”  a partial quote ** from Sir William Blackstone, who wrote his famous volumes of commentary on the Law, as England knew it in the 18th century.

Man was formed for society. . . .     As such,  it is of utmost importance that  Man in his society   reflects the reality of Man in Natural Truth.     It’s common sense.   But if our society, or our culture,  departs from Natural Law,   then it begins to erode and to corrupt.

“All’s right with the world . . . “       Evidence seems to be that all is NOT right with our society.    Our foundations have been corrupted.  Our foundational layer has been undermined.   Poof!

But when I write about this in the weeks to come,   I’m writing within the context of  the existence of Natural Law at work in the Natural World.   That Natural Law applies not only to Ducks and Robins   (!)   but also surely to us human beings.

The  R word is very much on my mind these days,  but I don’t know if it should be  Recovery,  Restoration,  or Rebuilding.

This man had an idea:


Augustus Caesar  sought to restore the Roman Republic to its higher moral foundations.  He succeeded, somewhat,  and built the Roman Empire, which lasted a few centuries more;  not because its succeeding leaders were good and moral men,  but because the momentum of a restored higher  moral foundation made a few more centuries possible.

Good laws.   Good men.   Good moral foundation.

augustus senate

The new society worked —   “All was well” with society, as in the natural world.

For a while, at least.     

But it can be done.



. * Pippa’s Passing    (Well-educated children used to have this portion of the poem memorized,  but I fear that they were not taught the irony it presents.   Modern society continued to collapse.)

. **  “But man was formed for society; and as is demonstrated by writers on the subject, is neither capable of living alone, nor indeed has the courage to  do it.”   (speaking, of course, of normal, healthy individuals)