The topic of Friday’s Bible Study class:

Rye Bread


Bread.    Real bread.    Rye bread, as a matter of fact.     We had been discussing the kind of bread that Jesus would have used during the last supper,  the size and shape of it, and of course,  since it was the age-old feast of Corpus Christi,   we went on to discuss why Jesus called himself the Bread of Life . . .

I told them I make a round-shaped bread once in a while,  just like what was commonly made way back then.     “Limpa,”  it’s called.    My Mom called it Swedish Limpa, but I noticed in a recipe book it was called Finnish Limpa.    No matter.   I am of both heritages.

The class and I decided that rye bread is best eaten toasted,   heavily buttered,  and spread thickly with the finest Scottish orange marmalade.

So that’s what I provided for Friday morning’s class this week.  Including my toaster!

After class I stopped off at the store and found some really good “hot dogs” with no artificial ingredients,  no chemicals,  no nitrites and nitrates.   Good enough!    Then  I wanted some buns,  but after reading the label on every bun package in the “bread” aisle,  I just couldn’t buy and of those . . .  things.  I needed real buns.


So I made them.   Hamburgers and hot dog buns.      Real buns.  Real bread.

Last week,   all our classes converged on that great Feast Day of old,  Corpus Christi.   (The Body of Christ.   “This is My Body,”  He said.)

It’s a feast day all about Bread.   The Bread of Life and why it’s called that.     What is real bread and what is Real Bread –  or the Real Presence,  the Real Substance,   of the Bread.   The unseen spiritual world permeates this world,  and is just as real as the world we see, and is not temporary.     God in the unseen spiritual world sustains the existence of this world, in just the manner He wants it to be.

When something real  is above our ability to understand, we call it a Mystery –   from which we get the Latin word Sacrament.

Jesus at First Mass

How is it that Jesus “blessed and consecrated”  bread and gave it to His disciples, saying “This is my body” ?      Is.     Be careful not to erase the Mystery of “is.”

It has sustained the Church for almost 2,000 years.

Take part in this “until He returns.”

Take part in the Real thing.   “Accept no substitutes,”  as they say,  because only the Real thing is everlasting.








Why Jesus called Himself the Bread of Life.   “We become what we eat,”  the Early Church Fathers said.    ,that is Christ Himself, veiled, so as to have the most intimate communion with a human soul.

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