JUNE 13, 1917

I had hoped to write a remembrance of May 13, 1917 –   I’m sorry,  I couldn’t get to it last month,  but it would have been important because it was the first of six visions seen by the three little children of Portugal (and by thousands of ordinary people).

fatima 3

Just ordinary children.

They really didn’t know how many times they would be coming to the little tree,  the holm oak tree, on the 13th of the month,  but in June, it was the second time.

As usual,  on that day,  they began to see a brilliant light come towards them.   They called it the “lightning”  although it didn’t always flash suddenly like lightning would.  The people around them, watching,  didn’t see the brilliance of the light,  but they experienced a slight dimming of the sunlight,  a slight cooling of the air,  and a slight sound, like the “buzzing of bees inside a closed container.”

The children felt a holy presence, just like the previous month;  they approached, and they knelt.


The people watched.

What the children saw is the “Beautiful Lady”  from heaven, who stretched out her hands and allowed  brilliant shafts of light, like living light, reach towards the ground.   The light seemed to enter their bodies, and they wanted to be in that light, and with that Light.

The eldest of the three children was told that, no, she can’t go into that light of Heaven just yet,  but that her two young companions will go to Heaven soon.   (A reality, as it turned out.)  It looked for a while like her young friends were enfolded in the part of the light that was moving upwards.  She herself,  Lucia,  was in the part of the brilliant shaft of light that was moving towards the earth.

Interesting image.

Nothing much more, this June 13, 1917.   Just,  Lucia was told to learn how to read.     All three were supposed to pray more;  to pray the rosary every day – and properly!  –  and also to make reparations for the terrible immorality and sinning in the world of 1917.

(Oh, yes –  if you knew your history, you’d know what terrible evil acts were being done by human beings.     X-rated and sickening.     History is not for the squeamish.)

They saw a heart encircled by thorns in the Lady’s hand.   The thorns, the sorrows.

The eyewitnesses had been watching the little tree in front of the children, the holm oak tree.   When the vision started, it looked like “something”  had bent the top leaves and branches down a little bit.   When the vision ended, it looked like they stood up again, and were being drawn slightly towards the east,   the direction where the children later pointed that the Lady had departed towards.    They didn’t return to their positions until a few hours later.

Shrug your shoulders for this vision.   Not much seemed to have happened there.

But the children were to come back next month.



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