It’s incumbent upon us in a free society  to know the “whole story.”   What is real and what is not real.


A collison!

 I’ll bet the serious Muslim President Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan were surprised  when they were rejected by the artificially created but politically correct form of Political Black Supremacist “Islam”  in America!    Actually, it’s  a little embarrassing . .  . .

When  they heard that a “great celebrity”  (Cassius Clay/Muhammed Ali)  had died and that the American News media  is presenting a great public funeral  for him,  President Erdogan and King Abdullah planned to come to America to pay highest respects to the fallen boxer because they heard that he practiced some form of Islam.    Black Muslim.   Radical Black Supremacist politics.    Nation of Islam.   (“Let all white men in America go back to Europe.”    “Black Power!”   “Watch that Number 19.”)

 President Erdogan comes with an object in his hands,  a piece of something sacred to Islam –  and he is prepared to place it on the coffin of this boxer.    Right?   I hope you’ve heard about that.  A high honor in the Muslim  world.  And Erdogan and Abdullah are  each prepared to give a little speech in honor of this (Muslim)  boxer.

But neither President Erdogan nor King Abdullah  were allowed to speak, as they had planned.   They had been bumped off the program: 

In the lead-up to the funeral service of Cassius Clay-Ali, Ali family’s spokesman Bob Gunnell had said that two unnamed speakers had been added to the program, meaning that foreign guests Erdogan and King Abdullah II of Jordan would no longer be able to deliver a speech, The Washington Post reported.

 The two returned home.     Rejected.      Dishonored.   Publicly dissed.

The real Muslim world had come to pay respects.     The fabricated political Muslim world had not welcomed them.


The real Muslim world had met the fakery of American radical politics.

bar dissolve er
This famous former boxer,  now deceased,   has spoken, into microphones, some of the most racist and blasphemous words ever displayed by the radical politics of the Sixties and Seventies —  but.     But.    But  “Nation of Islam”  radical politics makes him a “Muslim”  when it’s convenient to emphasize his sincerity and excuse his actions.  

Inciting racial hatred, for instance.  

Draft dodging, for instance:    Letting another young man take his place in a war, at a time of war.    (Well, Nation of Islam doesn’t believe in the same principles as Americans do;  why would they fight their wars?)
What real and what’s not real?




















It was a collision!  And not a pretty one.   I just hope there won’t be consequences to us.


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