Morphing can be fun.   Some of us having a morphing function on our cell phone photo edits.    One thing turns into another.

Which can be the problem, if one thing shouldn’t turn into another.  And if something that is quite clear can be made to seem, well . . .   “fuzzy.”


We all saw these pictures (more or less)  from early Sunday morning’s mass killing in Florida.

If you read newspapers from around the world,  you would have read that an “ISIS fanatic” killed 50 people in a night club early Sunday morning.”     (To quote some headlines:  “Islamic Terrorist Kills 50”“Ramadan Massacre in Orlando”)

Like most of you, in the aftermath of the terrible shooting in Orlando, Florida,   I watched a couple entertainment-news channels on Sunday,  flipping back and forth between at least two of them (and also a sports channel . . .) .

LIGHTS 11 325
I observed an interesting thing.     For the first couple of hours the information was pretty much the same.  Different witnesses,  different speakers,  but the same news story.     A little bit of new information trickled in from time to time but it was the same message:  Americans had been attacked in a night club.   The killer was a  Muslim, increasingly devout and religious over the past few years.    The killer had contacted ISIS before (or during)  his shooting spree.   ISIS had made a public statement of approval  just after the killing.

Message:  How can America  protect itself against future attacks?   How could this have been prevented?    Could it have been prevented?    Was the killer “inspired by”  or  “directed by”  ISIS?        (I don’t know,   he made two trips to Saudi Arabia . . .  anything could have happened there.)

As I watched   one entertainment news channel,  these questions were explored by various guests,    and eyewitnesses continued to be found and brought before their cameras.   Like the “free and open debates”  so necessary for a free society.

However, on the other entertainment-news channel,  I watched in fascination as the Message changed;  America was attacked so why does America deserve to be attacked?     After a brief time raising the question of how adequate our intelligence is in the “war” on terrorism  –  Nope,   didn’t matter.      This became a possible “hate crime.”   This was a hate crime.   (I knew where that was going then.)

It was a hate crime.  A lone wolf hate crime.   Not connected to anything else except victimizing the night club people for how they identify themselves.    Nice innocent night club people, “just like any other American.”    So the PC drumbeat goes.

The attack on Americans was turned around into a scathing criticism of “haters”  and of  Christians and of any  American citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights.


The morphing of the Message:

The message on one entertainment-new channel was how to prevent more attacks like this in our country,  starting with let’s identify the enemy, lets identify our own weaknesses,  let’s identify a better strategy.

On the other entertainment-news channel  it became   let’s attack the hateful Christians and their guns.

The message had morphed.

Who does your thinking for you?

bar dissolve er

Perhaps a public statement by those close to the murderous deed would help: 

 Islamic State reiterated on Monday a claim of responsibility:   “One of the Caliphate’s soldiers in America carried out a security invasion where he was able to enter a crusader gathering at a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando,” the group said in a broadcast on its Albayan Radio.

bar dissolve er
So,  O thou Crusader,  who you gonna believe?


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