Just some stuff;  just FYI on a Friday.

Well,  the words we use are all mixed up.    The words we hear are all mixed up.  If you don’t have an internal compass,  a well-formed conscience,  a spiritual anchor —  it’s hard to make sense out of things – or to even reach a conclusion that you can be sure of.

There are two ways to rearrange those words in the title:

Why should we fight

Why we should fight

Two mutually incompatible thoughts, when you think of it.

cross I’m going to tell you some Dark Tales for a while, because it’s Friday today.      Christendom honors this as the day Christ died;  for our sins;  to bring grace and a “fountain” of blessings to the world;  and to make peace between our souls and God, and hence, peace  between one man and another.  Christ died for the sins we commit against each other, and to take that away.

Christ died so we won’t have to have Dark Tales to tell.

bar dissolve er

Once again the Western World is under ACTIVE attack from the Moslem world.    Wave after wave throughout fourteen centuries,  these attacks have been repeated.   By turning our attention to the attackers  (see Sun Tzu on  identifying the enemy)  we have discovered horrifying details about our attackers, even when they’re not busy killing us.

Their use of women,  for instance.    Chivalry arose in the Western World, as a natural outflow  of Christian values.  ( . . .  not the stern male-dominance  of the Puritan,  Calvinistic version of Christianity . . .)     However . . .

 Chivalry could not have arisen in the Moslem world.  (That’s a plain, declarative statement, worthy of the writing style of Ernest Hemingway.)

Women just sit and wait . . . .


Rounded up, at gunpoint:


Where the women are kept:


Dungeons in the sand

The Western photographers who came across these holes in the ground call them Dungeons.   There were women in there.   Waiting.

Then they are taken out,  displayed,  chosen by some man,  used,  used up,  sold to the next man,  used,  used up . . .   for however long.   More comfortable in the dungeon, I would think, although down there is fear,  horror,  worry,   hunger, thirst, discomfort,  pain, and injury.   

Women who have been rescued speak of repeated rapes,  beatings . . .  and then there is always this:


The man on the right, in white,  is standing in your way.   What you could be seeing is a woman,  all in black, lying on the ground.   Those little white dots on the ground?   


Like the stones in the hands of some of the men.

It should stir our hearts to realize that this is not an uncommon scene.   It’s “okay,” though.  It’s sanctioned.     That means it’s okayed by their law.     The ones who are attacking the Western World.

shariah will

Why should we fight?   Or:  Why we should fight.

Or is it a little unclear:   Should why fight we?

Now America is being attacked.     Americans are deciding, I guess,  while the Barack Hussein person is doing all he can to hold us back:

O Islam saying

He’s wrong, you know.     Once te United States did fight back , to protect our interests  “on the shores of Tripoli” —  and that’s why the United States Marines were constituted.

By Thomas Jefferson.

And the Moslem pirates,  those Barbary Pirates,  stayed quiet for almost two hundred years.

I know some Marines.  I’m quite sure they are ready to protect us.

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