It’s like watching one of those old movies.   The story is good,  but you can’t believe people would really act that way.

Headlines all over the place reported yesterday that we are well on the way to receiving a million more young Moslem men into our country.   We are not able to take care of the ones who have already been brought here.  There is not enough law enforcement;   not enough money to support them;   not enough room in our schools and hospitals;  not enough jobs for the ones who have already come.

But still, a million more will come this year:

O Try To Stop Me

He can’t be stopped.     The Barack Hussein person is not taking orders from the American people.      And neither are the Clintons.

So they are coming.  Here and in European countries.


They’re flown into our country in commercial airplanes – for free –  and brought to many cities,  none of which want them or can afford them.   A while ago I told you about the little town in southern Germany of a few hundred people which received notice that more than a thousand Middle Eastern people will be settled into their town.   That makes no sense.

They don’t even try to make sense to us.   And so we can’t even respond to nonsense.

Those that are not brought into our countries officially by our Rulers,   come any way they can.

migrant-crisis-calais-2.jpg colonization

You see,  these are not  “refugees.”  They are not  “immigrants.”

They are colonists.

Colonists who don’t intend to assimilate but who intend to overtake.

Sometimes they announced this by blocking  streets in  Europe:

Bow to ancient desert mg

They know what they are doing.  Young fighting men posing as “poor” refugees:



Truly.   Truly.   Truly,  they know what they’re doing.

Does it matter?



Does it matter that we America;  Denmark;   Holland;  France;  England;  Germany . . .   We are all receiving colonists from the same culture.   The warning is the same for all of us:

German Warning Poster

Yes,  genocide.

Genocide against white people.

ISIS bruised

A mother whose young son was beaten up on his playground by sons of these colonists.   and the authorities told her they could do nothing.

Young European women all over are being raped and beaten and then later tell authorities that they couldn’t report the crime – because they were afraid that they would get into trouble.   Yeah – what kind of white person wouldn’t welcome “immigrants”?   The young women repeatedly said they were afraid of being called “xenophobic.”

Always name-calling to keep us in our place.

The historian in me watches in disbelief  as  European and American countries  do nothing. Like someone made a bad movie and didn’t understand how Men fight back.  Human beings don’t just act like that:      roll over and play . . .   nice.








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