Does it end


Well.  Easy to ask, not so easy to answer.

All this week  (this week of my absence from The Spruce Tunnel)  I’ve been discovering the No answer.

What I’ve been doing a lot of during these past few days is sorting through and thinning out my stuff,   chiefly my papers –  old printouts of old news articles that I saved to either use in my classes  or to back up my conversations, or just to reread, to see if anything got resolved.

And what I found out is that all of today’s news issues have been around for more than twenty years!   Many times I had to search for the date of a particular news article to find out which decade it belonged to.  Same stories.  Same issues.  Same people.   Same words!

The world has always had problems similar to ours, of course,  but really –  the same words?   It’s like recycled stories.


I don’t need to take up room here to give many examples of stories from 25 years ago and stories from today that are just about identical.   I did  make a list but you can make one yourself.

So:  when will it end?  Will it ever end?

The answer is   (1)   No.    No, because all these things arise from the desires,  urges, and lusts from within mankind in a Fallen world.    I study history.     I can tell you today’s issues are just our version of the same issues economic and political woes,  crime, deceit, and greed that we’ve always had in recorded history.

This  is the easy way.   Just accept what you’re told.    Just go along with the times.    Just don’t make waves, do the best you can.   

The answer is (2)    Yes.       Yes,  it will end,  because each of us can choose to be on the side of our Creator and learn from Him things like Redemption and Forgiveness,  Kindness,   Humbleness  (Humility),   Love . .  .

The “Yes” answer is the hardest way.   It takes effort and alertness and learning and understanding,  and then it takes  self-restraint and self-sacrifice to make the world around you a better place, and then it takes  pushing back and struggling for the good and decent things,  and fighting against the bad and the evil.

Who is it that said:  Right is right even though no one  is doing it;  wrong is wrong even though everyone else is doing it.          . . .      (St.  Augustine)

I think “Yes”  is the happier answer.    It produces dignity and self-worth and assurance and satisfaction.      And it creates a heart ready to meet God.

Because one more thing about the “Yes” answer –  it will end,  but not until Christ returns and “makes all things new”  as He promised.

Meanwhile,  that’s our goal.    That’s our model.    That’s our Example.

Live now as you wish to live then.

Click on the Yes or the No.




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