Those of you who know me know that I am not a fan of responding to enemy attacks with teddy bears, flowers, and candles.   Oh, yes – and holding hands.

Well, I’m not fond of “bracelets” either.

A few months ago there was a study of crime in Europe – and Sweden was declared the Rape Capital of the World.   Mild mannered,  recessive/submissive Sweden:  Rape Capital.    It doesn’t  go together.  But it turns out that the million or so Colonizers-Who-Don’t-Look-Like-Swedes have so much contempt for mild manners and submissiveness that they regularly attack, beat, rob, and rape the people of the country which is giving these colonizers free homes, free food,  free medical care, and free schooling.

That’s the situation.

Here’s Sweden’s official Remedy:

Bracelets in Sweden

According to the news reports,  festival season is coming up soon, and many young Swedish women and girls will be out in public.    (Yes, they know enough now to stay INSIDE their homes in the evenings and in the nights according to other news articles,  but this is a public  celebration . . .you know,  for fun? )

So to keep the Swedish women safe,  the Stockholm (Swedish) police have issued . . .  bracelets!       Yes!       And the bracelets mean business!      Those bracelets say: “Don’t molest me.”

In Swedish.

bar dissolve er

The Swedish blood coursing through my veins is not coursing quietly right now.

Apparently modern Swedish  police”men”  think that a  violent crime can be stopped by the victim’s bracelet,  with a message, written in Swedish.

Which the Colonizers refuse to learn –  because,  contrary to Western wishes,  they do NOT assimilate,  according to actual observers.

They take possession of whatever land they are permitted to live in.


Yellow and blue.  My two favorite colors together.    On the Swedish flag.

I would like to  reintroduce to these descendants of Vikings . . .  a thing or two.


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