“Amber waves of grain . . .”   (I showed you that on the Fourth of July.)

“Home, home on the range . . .”    (I hope you can sing that song.)

“Don’t Fence Me In.”      (My favorite!   “Oh give me land lotsa land under starry skies above  . . .”)

I wonder if Americans in general know how big and vast and expansive our country is!!   We are mostly  EMPTY space, here in America  — and I suspect most other places of the world too.

Soooo,  paying taxes is  a pretty American thing to do, and my summer taxes were on my to-do list today.        How do you pay your taxes?   

tax bill      I like to pay this in person,  chat with the township treasurer,  find out what’s going on.   And although sometimes it seems I live  in a town, near a little city, the capital city of our state, actually,  my neighborhood is set in the middle of wide open spaces.

I’ve taken The Spruce Tunnel along these country roads before.  Come ride with me again.  We have to pay the summer taxes!     Here we are starting out.

T Setting out

And five minutes later –

T 2 country road

Then we turned down another country road.    One of my friends lives  in one of those houses there on the side –

T 3 houses

That green sign said “keep going”    – sort of.      The road “opens up” –

T 4 bean field

It should have continued to be a nice relaxing drive but that X in the sky started a whole bunch of unwanted thoughts in my head.  (It’s against the Federal Aviation Agency’s regulations to cross air routes like that. )  More on that later.

Traffic !!! T red

There.      Not one,  but two joggers on the road!

(Usually it’s cows, goats, dogs, or turtles on the road.)     But I, the car,  have freedom to drive all over, anywhere I need to  be on that road.

Then I see my goal on up ahead, as the skies are getting more ominous.

T 6 distant goal and chems

There’s a parking lot somewhere in there.  I pulled in next to the nice picnic area which is next to a baseball diamond.   Thanks,  Township!

T picnic

Actually,  I’ve used neither, and I’ve managed to miss all the farmer’s markets and flea markets too.  However,  in a few months,   we will take Cooper out there – in the middle of the night ! –  with our telescope and field glasses and “teach a grandson” the beauties of the night.

Business,  in the shade of  the trees:

T bldg

Nice people inside.  I was their only customer,  so they had time  to be friendly and conversational,  making me feel welcome in my own Township.

It’s all about Quality of Life.

I don’t need to show you the roads back.  I took a different route anyway as I continued to work down my list of five or six errands, but the one thing that strung the afternoon  together was the growing intrusion of the outside world . . . overhead.

sky 4 another x

You see,  we may finally get some rain around here.  There’s been a lot of predictions, a lot of false alarms,  but this time I think we’re really going to get some rain –  because of what’s up there,  waiting for the rain to drive it down on those beautiful farmlands you saw in the previous pictures.

Boron.   Cadmium.   Aluminum.   Barium.         Metallic nano-particulates.      “Biological”  material.    Viruses.  Desiccated  red blood cells. . . . .

Lest you think  dumping this on people to breathe in and covering farm and grazing lands with this is all they’re using this for,  here is a common use of the metallic particles –

sky 2 waves

Those aren’t “clouds” pushed together by winds –  those are the particulate matter fogs that are being targeted by energy waves.    Waves.    Waves of energy.  First you lay down the fog,  then you direct energy waves through it.  Very useful.

Just a reminder that as peaceful and pleasant that wide-open spaces can be,   there is always an “outside” world that we have to be vigilant against.    If we ignore it, it won’t end well.

sky 1

Here’s a parking lot for another one of my errands today.

Yep.  It’s going to rain pretty soon for sure.     Our bodies and our animals and our crops are going to have another big dose of “stuff”  to deal with.


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