Just so you know . . .  and just to follow up on my previous posting about the bracelets issued to Swedish girls and young women to protect them from sexual attacks —


Swedish police had issued  bracelets bearing the words “Don’t Molest Me”  to young women who were planning to take part in the numerous summer festivals in Sweden.   Reports are in now of dozens of women being sexually  accosted,  attacked, and raped during the past weeks’ worth of festivals.

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Many were wearing the bracelets.

All victims reported that their attackers were between 15 and 25 years of age.



And as one young woman put it,  “I hate to say it,  but they weren’t from Sweden.”

Swedish girls and Swedish women can’t help that they don’t look like their attackers.   They look like my own sisters . . .  and what I used to look like. . . .

Our appearance is not an invitation . . . .

Swedish  “police”  guarding the festival goers:

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I don’t’ know,   maybe she should lose her blonde ponytail.  Hope she’s wearing her bracelet.

Because “nice”  polis cannot protect the Swedish population.    Getting it clear in their minds  what the intentions are of those who   “don’t look like them”   might begin to help.

And realizing that not all cultures are based upon morally equivalent values.      That’s just reality.     That’s just human life.

It’s called “discernment,”   not discrimination.



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