Oh, my –  I’ve just been listening to foreign news services –    those who, like American entertainment- news services are under the control of our future Rulers

We know that “World Governance”  is a euphemism for saying “Dictatorship” – a dictatorship on a global level –  because in order to “rule” the whole world, there has to be strong “rules.”   This agenda  (to form  world governance) is alive and well and strong.
In order to advance this agenda,  one thing that’s necessary is to disarm all the citizens of the world.  Then,  only the dictators , our Rulers,  will have guns.    And then we’re ready to be “governed.”
An example of how we’re “gently”  brought into the program is this  one sentence which I heard:      “Police are killing black men and black men are shooting the police.    That just shows how divided America is and that there are too many guns out there.”
Well, no,  America is not that divided.      America is a lot less divided than you make it out to be, although it is emotionally more stirring and gripping to look at an America on the brink of civil war.    There are pockets of extreme angry people, and that plays well on video.  The danger is that, as I said in the last post,  the entertainment news stories will be incitement to increasing violence.    They have a responsibility.   Let’s hope they know that, and can restrain themselves.
This gun-control agenda:

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Studies,   peer-reviewed and more than one,   have shown that :
# 1  deaths by guns are down,  51% of what they were a few years ago.   LESS death by guns.
#2  Study after study show that where guns are prohibited, in whole countries or in cities,  around the world,   the crime rate goes UP.   Studies.  Show.  Crime rates. Go UP.  When guns are taken out of the hands of the average citizen.
# 3 –  Among people killed by policemen,  twice as many WHITE people than Black people have been killed.  That’s just statistics.  That’s just the numbers without the biased agenda at play.   Twice as many more White people are killed than Black people.
#4 – “The right to bear arms”  is not about target practice,  not about deer hunting,  not even about protecting yourself from crime in those twenty or thirty minutes before the police can finally make it to your house.     No,  this amendment to our Constitution was about American citizens protecting themselves against a future tyrannical government which might rise in the place of our Constitutional government.  It’s to protect the citizens against tyranny.     As many have said,  if anyone comes in and changes our government and the way it works,   Americans have a DUTY to overthrow it and restore true American government, as envisioned by the Founding Fathers.   that’s written down in our history.
(And,  no they were not stuck in the 18th century.   They had the knowledge of politics and of human nature to foresee future contingencies.)
It’s up to you, entertainment-news people and the people who believe you,  to prove these studies wrong.     But,  if you cannot prove them wrong,  then  upon what basis do you still  disbelieve?
. . . on the basis of a world governance agenda?

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The globalists also need a “federal” police.     Watch for the call for a federalized police force    “because we are so divided and ready to do violence.”

It’s already in the air.

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  1. Jon Says:

    Thank you. “Give me liberty or give me death.” PERIOD!

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