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You may have seen the giddy, laughing young Minnesota woman who video’d  her  friend moments after he was shot by a policeman, and then lay dying.  She seems very happy with herself for all the attention she is getting.  Her  “15-minutes of fame.”

Except her story is false.

gun showing
That shiny object in her friend’s lap is not a cell phone.    The police officer identified it as a gun.

And the man’s car  did NOT have a taillight  that was out.   The police officer did NOT stop him for  “a broken taillight.”      He stopped him because just before that, on that day,  an APB went out on “an armed suspect,” wanted for robbing a store at gunpoint.   The description of the armed suspect was given –  and the police officer saw a person that fit that description exactly,  in the same neighborhood as the store that was robbed, and stopped him.

It’s the policeman’s duty to apprehend men who have committed a crime.

The man did not obey the directions of the police officer.    The man did not have a Concealed Carry Permit,  and the man was not moving suddenly to get some sort of document out of his pocket.   He was not reaching for “a permit.”

tv programming kid

But the television has been repeating a different story –  even if they repeat it in order to argue  with a “different” point of view,  the false story is still told, over and over  — and people get mad.

You can be sure  shooters,   snipers, and robbers violate our gun laws.     The  criminals violate our gun laws (!)  but  the extreme leftists in our country lie about it and say we need more gun laws and that the shooters obtained  guns through “loopholes”  or weaknesses in the law.


Let me illustrate what happened when one leftist on a popular cable news channel went out to prove how easy it is to buy a gun here in America  (well, it was a CBS person):

The actors and actresses and news readers on television like to talk about “assault weapons,”   without understanding what they’re  talking about.”

So this news person went into the gun store and asked to buy an “assault weapon.”     The gun store owner didn’t understand what he was talking about.    The  clerk then helped him pick out a handgun  (not an “assault gun.”)

They went through the process, and this liberal was about to pay for his new gun — only to be stopped by our gun laws!   This leftist news “reporter”   was not permitted to buy a gun because he,  “a good citizen,”  had some previous difficulty with the authorities, something like a note in his record that he had been brought up on spouse abuse charges  (which could be almost nothing nowadays) and some old drunk driving charges.

Something in his younger days stayed on his record, indicating he once had a problem with his temper and with his alcohol.

Oooops.   Not that easy to buy a gun in America.

And the entertainment-news people don’t know enough to report the news —

Media guide


The media can be FALSE and FUNNY at the same time.

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