Dear Mrs. Clinton . . . .

Well, never mind.  Don’t worry about a thing.   Your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us anything.

You’re safe.

Bar wavy


Sorry.    This posting has been canceled.   I wrote about many of the things that your friends in the entertainment-news media won’t tell us . . .  and then I got sick to my stomach.

Bar wavy


Sick, thinking about all the dirty deceptions going on.   Oh, no —  I know this happens in politics with some (some, not all) politicians.     But I’ve never seen this level of unchallenged hypocrisy and lying.      Facts are facts, and saying they’re not doesn’t make them not true.    Facts remain.    (Or are we being played for idiots?)

But what makes it worse is that the DNC and the media are working together to elect this one into office.

It’s Collusion.

And we, the public,  are the victims of collusion.   The media and the DNC work together to trick and deceive the American people  when our dearest and most important exercise of political freedom is at stake.

From the leaked emails this week:  (the ones leaked so far)
This week, Wikileaks revealed DNC emails discussing their cozy relationships with reporters from NBC, MSNBC, and CNN, and how to get better media treatment for Hillary Clinton.

Exposed also was the Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sent them to his editor.

The DNC was feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.

The DNC Communications Director sent emails to media about Bernie Sanders’ religion to scare the southern (mostly Baptist) voters.

There were emails showing the DNC was upset that their “allies” didn’t send in enough protestors at events, so they sent out interns to to organize fake “protests” at Trump events.

And the leaked emails show DNC officials even planned anti-Trump protests.

Planned a fake ad for employees for Trump,  asking for obviously racist, anti-woman, etc. type of people.


(A partial list repeated in several places . . . )

I see blatant lies being told on the entertainment-news television media this week, and the lies are unchallenged,  unquestioned,  and celebrated , as though they were true and wonderful.   These people know the Real Hillary Clinton –  and they don’t care!

She has broken so many federal laws . . .   and it’s  . . .   it doesn’t matter.

Good grief!!!!     Is this Venezuela?    Are we bring promised an economic and social Utopia by a “saintly”   Presidente?   Imperial Rule and the Ruler is above the Law?

I understand why so many Republicans and Democrats are chanting    “Lock her up!”

Lock her up!

The alternative is to reward her . . .


Bar wavy


Please, can’t the Democrats come up with an honorable candidate?

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