(A little of this and that today – but all connected.)

Sometimes a new insight, a bit of wisdom,  an interesting thought comes into your mind; a thought that ties it all together and explains a lot of things.    Sometimes the insight can be shared and understood by many;  sometimes it’s meaningful only to the one single person.

A private kind of insight:

An example of a meaningful insight pertinent to one single person is my recent journey to the land of my birth,  the land of Gitche Gumme.

(See the archives for Gitche Gumme and Hiawatha,  but you can achieve moments like this too.)

Blue 1 cr 400

It was a long journey to the Far Far North, but it was worth it.    I was on a mission; a mission to find meaning . . . and I could find it only by going back to my first experience with planet earth.

Mission accomplished.

Blue 2 400

As I hiked the forests of Hiawatha and climbed up and down the glacial moraines, smelled the intoxicating pines,   walked along the shoreline,   and meditated sitting on ancient, 1.3 billion year old rock bluffs,  some thoughts came to me.    “Mission accomplished,”  but it’s not something I can put into words, easily.  It’s a private insight.

After I came home —  yeah, the shark thing.   I watched enough shark movies that week for it to be a “confessible”  offense.      One day  I shall meet my Maker and have to explain my time use for this  one whole week!

But the sharks were a dodge.  I was dodging lying words,  a freaky face, and the horrible screeching words of a Hound-ess Harridan from Hell.  My other cable channels were a lost cause.    Only the sharks remained.

Why has the world gone this bad?    Why has both my country  and my Church been taken over by “the errors of Russia” * ?   – to use a quaint, though true, early 20th century phrase.  It seemed to accelerate after the mid-20th century.    I experienced the exhilarating blow-your-mind  sort of feeling of “freedom” – which blew everything apart –

Lightning Black Sabbath

– which turned out to be a freedom from Everything.    Which is another word for chaos –  used skilfully by the enemies of the West.

Hell face

Truly Hell listened.

“Drugs, sex, and  (the compelling drumbeat of) rock n roll” –   all open  spiritual gates.   We quested for “another state of consciousness.”    We yearned for a “higher state of consciousness.”     As though humans had never before achieved these states of opening to the evil and demonic  spiritual world.   It is ancient!  Yet the 2oth century thought they had discovered it.

Dark rituals abound now.  Authorities frequently find mutilated, usually headless corpses floating in the Thames River.   I was shocked when I first read about this many years ago. the Italian government has stated their alarm at the rising occult and has plead for exorcists.   The Vatican itself has put out a call for young men to become trained exorcists.  In Africa “witches”  are burned.   Occult-sex rites flourish all over the world, and drive much of the world’s sex slave trade.   .    In the US – and all over Central and South America really –  there are pockets of occult and satanic cultures.    “Satanists” are in the news again this week;  courts say they can now teach after-school “clubs” indoctrinating yet another generation of children.

Innocence of children?   Chastity?    Purity?   Holiness?    Goodness?     All these are OUT, as was predicted in the 1630s.    The children of the 20th century (and somewhat beyond)  will be lost.

The world would be in a state of total diabolical disorientation*, almost as though we, in the world, were hypnotized.

Television Obey HDTV

The “god of the power of the air”  (airwaves?)  will ascend.    Spiritual wickedness in the heavens, in high places,  are our enemies.     (Ephesians 6:12)

And here’s where the various exorcists come in.     However, that Vatican call for more exorcists,  nice try,  but no matter how sincere and hard-working they are,   it will not really help much.    The new exorcists will be innocent and relatively helpless.

And the reason comes from the testimony of the exorcists themselves.   I heard this today.  I’ve heard it several other times.   Consistently:

The New Rites of the Catholic Church, including the Rite of Exorcism,  were created, invented,  thought up, and written “out of a whole new cloth”  (Pope Benedict’s words!).   They do not nearly enough  resemble the power of the words of the original rites, and are therefore,  weaker.    “WEAKER.”     Weaker is the word that the exorcists and the so-called demonic voices use.

We are shooting BB’s  at heavy artillery aimed at us.     gun silly

But it’s fun to be shot at for a while.  Oh, so fun.   (“Shark-fun.”)    I’m guilty too of welcoming some of these demonic shots,  though  I try to say  aware of the spiritual warfare raging all around us;   and I try to fight back.  We do have spiritual help in the form of direct contact with God,  the indwelling of God’s Spirit,  the angels and saints around us – and the battle waged by the chief general in command of the host of heavenly beings,  St. Michael.

These are powerful living intelligent  forces aware of our plight.

It’s going to be a long war, and the outcome is

The public insight:

The exorcists speak.    It would help if we bowed our heads to this one insight from the exorcists who have spoken and who have reported to us the big weakness in our armor – the weak, impoverished modern language of dumbed-down rites.      (Face it: in  the New Version of the Church is different from the original version

We actually have been warned about this.*     


. *  see next post

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