I love the Bourne movies and books.


This last movie, issued this summer,  was a good one.  It lived up to the whole Jason Bourne   conundrum.   It had high speed chases, rogue action,  Skynet type surveillance,  spying, demonstrations of extraordinary physical training,  stolen identities . . . on and on with  all the elements you need to keep you at the edge of your seat . . . mysterious murders and computer hacking. . . .

And interestingly enough,  curiously,  many elements that we see happening around us today.   I am astonished, actually.

Today  the News reports that  a hacker was challenged to break into  our electronic voting system.   Actually it took Nicki Parsons (in the movie)  longer to hack into the   ultra-secure national security agency’s  headquarters–  the CIA? —   than it took this  hacker to get into our electronic voting system.     It took him 7 minutes.    Many computer experts (and hackers)  ridicule the whole idea of a “secure”  electronic vote count.     Electronic voting -anywhere – is eminently hackable and easily manipulated.      It can even be done from a satellite, according to one recent report.

Remember the Soviet maxim:  “It’s not how many votes are cast,  it’s who counts the votes.”

Know who this is?   –


Well, he’s a good looking man.   You can Search for his name and photo if you want a better picture  but I wanted to focus on the words:    An armed man who  was caught inside Trump Towers, with a semi-automatic handgun fitted with a silencer “has been identified as Barry Lee Bush, a former Newark NJ FBI agent WHO HAS BEEN DEAD SINCE 2007.”

Here’s a plot  worthy of a Jason Bourne movie!      It’s unlikely this silencer was legal  (who was he hunting in Trump Towers?)      But more interesting:   the handgun was found to be manufactured WITHOUT   serial numbers.

(Certainly not bought through some gun show “loophole.”)

How about a mysterious murder, which will probably conveniently remain “unsolved”? One month ago a young man working for the Democrats was found shot to death  on the sidewalks of Wash.  D.C.       The media was told to call this a robbery.

Problem is:  no one “robbed” him of his wallet or of his cell phone or money.      The murderer was obviously not interested in robbing him.  And no other stray “street person”  who saw the body before the police arrived.

A connected problem  :   The head of Wikileaks spoke publicly of the source of many emails given to them recently from someone working for the Democrats, a young man.   Will he identify the young man’s name?   Nope –  just know that “we and our sources faces serious threats all the time. . . .”

Everyone knows you don’t go against   TPTB.  There are a few more deaths associated with the Democrats this summer.  Have you heard about the attorney hired by  Bernie Sanders to file a lawsuit against the DNC and its (former) female head?    Well, never mind.  He’s dead now too.  “No cause of death has been released.”      But he was found dead in his own home, after having spent hours presumably  “alone.”    August 2, 2016.  Shawn Lucas.   Message delivered, a la the enemies of  Bourne.

In the Jason Bourne movies there seems to be an abundance of “bad guys”  committing criminal mayhem — and they don’t seem to be caught by the local police but they often appear later on in the movie.    I’m not going to get specific,  though I have plenty of news articles to share.   You can find them.    There are over 300 villages,  cities, and counties in the United States that have been declared Sanctuary Cities.   These are places where some of the most violent criminals are “dumped” –  over and over again.     There is enough crime in some places to actually reflect a Jason Bourne movie.

I love action movies.   I love it when the “hero” tries to right wrongs,  even while going off the grid,  going rogue,  doing what has to be done.     It’s an  “exciting world.”

But that’s where that action belongs,  on the Silver Screen.  A civilized society should not reflect a Jason Bourne movie.

It’s going to be a   difficult task to rebuild a “civil”  society but a very, very serious one.










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