With so much “incoming”  information focusing our attention on the problems in America,  it’s good to remember that most of us are really good:  we work hard, we do our duty,  we aim for better,  and some of us  achieve greatness that reflects our country’s best values.

So, last week at the Olympics one American woman did what no other woman has done!  Here she is:

kim face

Her name is Kim Rhode,  and she has just become the only American and the first woman to win medals in SIX consecutive  Summer Olympics!!!    

kim medals

That means winning medals this year, and four years ago in the last Summer Olympics,  and four years before that,  four years before that even,  she medaled four years before that, and she started out in her first Summer Olympics four years before that –  and won medals.

That’s a long time to be at the top of your game, as they say!

Now, there is an Olympic sportsman in Italy who has won medals in six Winter Olympics, a luger named Armin Zoeggele,  but Kim Rhode is also has the distinction of winning medals on all five  continents where the Games are held.

She should receive our heartiest congratulations and,  well, a lot more fame than she has received so far.   When American athletes really got going in the Olympics in 1928,  we all decided this was a good thing:    to train hard and long showcased American work ethics  (of that time);  to train with a goal,  showing American confidence;    to train consistently, showing American strength and persistence;  and to win,  showing American greatness  (a little nicked and tarnished by the entertainment-news media now,  but it can still BE there!!!

Kim Rhode shows all these American values and more;  she has achieved excellence in her sport.

Why haven’t you heard more of her?

Kim Rhode is an athlete.  This is her sport:

kim gun

She is an Olympic level shooter;  skeet shooting,  sharpshooting . . .  .


Kim Rhode


She may not have fame on television,  but she has our congratulations, and she has her medals:

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  1. Lois Haglund Says:

    Did you see that a girl from the U.P. Got a medal in wrestling ?

  2. Oh? From the U.P.? Will have to check where!!
    Gitche Gumme: Land of Sisu!!!

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