COUNTING COUP with $99,999,999.99

   Not too careful with our money, are we?

No comment.   Just sayin’:

Stuffed full  –

Heavy load

C 130

Stuffed full of cash money;  pallets full of cash.   Not US dollars, but cash bought by US dollars, taken out of our pockets.   Loaded onto a transport plane.

Flown to Iran.

The deed didn’t quite stay hidden, and became public seven months after the deed was done.

Explanation?    It had to be cash because we don’t have banking agreements with Iran so we couldn’t “write them a check”  and we couldn’t “use wire transfers.”

Then:   further revelations  –

More secret deeds.

Discovered were “several” wire transfers from the U.S.  to Iran.      More money from our pockets and wallets and household budgets flowing out to Iran.   Each wire transfer was $999,999,999.99.

13 of them.   13 “identical”  wire transfers,  according to a spokesman from “our” Department of Defense. *

I guess we did have  “banking arrangements”  after all.

That’s a lot of money flowing out of our pockets to Iran.

But I think they’re grateful.   They acknowledged us – the “new us.”      Yesterday it was announced that Iran “buzzed” our big navy ship with their military boats.  Menacing.

Counting coup,  so to speak.

Counting Coup

Counting Coup – Not a killing blow, just a humiliating strike


Counting coup against the Barack Hussein person’s  vastly weakened navy.

I say we’d better patch that hole in our pockets.

And get up off our knees.


Bar wavy

. *   It will soon be against international law to link to news articles, according to some experts,  now that we’re in the process of giving up control of the Internet to foreign interests  —  and giving up our sovereign rights to make our own laws.

However,  I think it’s still legal to tell you where some of the information came from.



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