Yep,   that would be me!

Here it is:  “There is no such thing as Utopia (on earth)  and it will never happen.”  

Even though we know that “Utopia” is a made-up word that means:  “no place,”  our Global Socialist Rulers desperately need us to believe in a utopia,  because they’ve got one to give us!     We just gotta keep hoping . . .

And they just need us to hand over a little more of our power to them — and to say differently is an act of heresy in the world they’re setting up for us.   So far, the most they can do to retaliate is to call us names.     Nasty names.

Their current chief tactic is  the destabilization of national governments by various uncomfortable and dangerous means  (so that they can step in with their controlled solutions)   – but I want to stick to the heresy part here.

can debunk

Sweden,  the “homeland”  of many of my ancestors is a prime utopia experiment, and it hasn’t been working out so well for the Swedes.

I was going to report on the attacks against Swedes during their latest summer music festival but the number of victims kept going up and up and up, with the attackers being identified as “foreigners.”

. . . Foreigners who have been moved into Sweden with the purpose of destabilizing their whole culture and economy, thus requiring a more powerful “solution.”

But I am glad that some Swedes are beginning to wake up.    “Utopia”  is beginning to be looked at, analyzed,  and then leading them  to the inevitable debunking of the whole utopia idea that was attempted through the method of so-called “Nordic Socialism.”

“Nordic socialism”  seems to have set up a general  “Stockholm syndrome”  in all of Sweden.    “Rock the boat and you don’t get your government allowance!”    But perhaps the Swedes will begin fighting back and claiming back their own country – for themselves to govern.

In the United States elections,  we have a drum beat calling us to a vision of socialist utopianism,  where the   the State takes control of all our problems, regulating and micro-managing our personal  lives and businesses to the point of paralysis,  raising our taxes to even higher levels so more money flows to our Rulers and we have less to manage ourselves — and who owns our own children — and our own personal medical records?

Whew!  I’m not sure the poor, ill woman is up to the task.   Fortunately for her,  she would be just the Front person for the behind-the-scene Rulers.   Why else would they make her so fabulously wealthy – and then protect the source of all the money that flows her way?

hrc got away with it again


Wonder why she gets away with so much?   Wonder why our “Justice System”  can’t touch her?


Well,  that’s one choice.      The other choice gives us a chance to preserve our   freedom of speech, freedom to practice our own religion,  if any,  the ability to exercise all of the freedoms guaranteed to us in the Bill of Rights  (that’s where we find the various “amendments”),   the right to determine our own living conditions,  how hard we want to work for material rewards,   how much control we want to have over our local government and our local  schools.

The United States is a kind of Do-It-Yourself country,  within limits,  with some legal restraints,  and with some protection from the vicissitudes of life.

The United States does not promise  a Utopia, no matter who we elect.

There.     I’ve just committed heresy again.


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