We all know what  ricochet means:   you lob a rock or a bullet against a firm wall and the destructive little object is likely to bounce right back at you.

In their never-ending  campaign to defeat their political opponent,  Donald Trump,  the entertainment-news media has gleefully reported on the charge of “racism”  against their enemy.

“He is pushing KKK values!!!   His values are KKK values!!!!”

So who are these people who are saying these things?

Well,   one is the female in this picture,    the poor, ill woman running for office . . .

Obit Byrd

July 26, 2004

And right before this photo she had just introduced that man, fondly,  to an audience, calling him  her personal mentor.

“Personal mentor”?    The man is Senator Robert Byrd,  KKK member and former  Grand Wizard/Master of the KKK.      KKK values attached to . . .  her!

Think that’s all  “in the past” ?

Today’s Grand Dragon of the KKK  is this man:


. . . Will Quigg,  who in this interview affirmed that he and his group endorses HRC, the poor, ill woman running for office.    And they have donated (publicly, so far)  $20,000 to her campaign.

Are the KKK still racist?  That’s what Kaine,  the vice presidential nominee of the Democrat party want you to believe.   Only when he threw them at Donal Trump,   the evidence threw it right back at the Democrats.   Racism finds its home.

So glad to hear that Black people are generally waking up to the Democrat early sponsorship and membership in the KKK   and to the fact,on record, of vehement Democrat opposition to Civil Rights for Black people;  as well as the horrid conditions of inner cities under long-time Democrat “leadership.”

Maybe,  you say,  an “endorsement’  doesn’t mean much?    But be  careful  of the racism charges you throw.

Watch that ricochet!!!

And tell the young people,  who seem to get their “information”  from our Democrat entertainment-news media.   They’ve been steered wrong.

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