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September !    September is a reward for being alive!!!     (Around this household.)

We made it through the worst of summer!    The annoying heat and humidity is lifting,  promising the cool, crisp air soon to come;  the skies are blue,  the stars in the night are easily visible again now that the veil of humidity  is thinning.  Some of us become more active in this clean, cooler air!

Here in the Far North we begin once again to share our little city with 40,000 “foreigners” – students from every part of this country and others.    Once you’re resigned to the influx of students,  you can accept their  arrival  and all that it brings.   Their attempts to navigate our traffic patterns, lanes, and signals and  their passing from the far right lanes diagonally across traffic to make a suddenly necessary left-hand turn.

driver bang

As long as you’re not in their pathway,   you can just smile fondly at the newcomers.       “Here they are again.”

You remember that you must suddenly share stores and restaurants with 40,000 more people,  many of which cannot speak English.    It’s kind of interesting to hear a small, polite, and rather timid voice coming from somewhere beneath shoulder level, asking you to reach something from a top shelf,  or to find some item on their list – which seems to mystify them anyway.   And the request mystifies you too,  because they may or may not be speaking English.

love worldGood way to enjoy  nonverbal communication skills!    And to enfold your arms (metaphorically speaking)   around people from all over the world.     As small kids in Sunday School we belted out the song:   “Jeeee-sus LUVS the litt- ttell chilll-dren!  All the children of the wuuuurld.    Red-and-yellow-black-and-white- they-are-precious-in-His-sight.   Jeeee-sus luvs the litt-ttell  children of the wurld!!!!!”

A song like that doesn’t ever leave you!!   Neither does its Christian teaching.

So:  new weather patterns. more easily endured;  new students arriving;   and, of course –  Football!       I’ve seen our Spartans back-to-back with da Bears — what a glorious weekend on television!       A new season with the promise of many more games to come.

I was sure that I’ve written here before about all the new things that September brings,  all the new beginnings.   I searched all the September archives and didn’t find what I was looking for,  but here are some of the things I remember being glad for.

It’s a whole new year!

Anyone who has ever gone to school feels the newness of a whole new school year coming up.    We advance one new higher grade in school.    In the university we advance one year closer to our professional goal.

In our careers Labor Day weekend is our last summer fling and we know we have to return to the seriousness of everyday issues,  hoping to create a better routine, a chance for more success.   For Hubbie and me who were teachers,    our professional careers wouldn’t let us forget that  “this is another brand-new year.”       There is an eagerness and a thrill upon seeing your new students in September.    (No mistakes yet!  No frustrations yet!   It’s good.    I’m good.  Everyone’s good!)

As a matter of fact,  although current  contemporary times tell us that the new year begins in January,  “September”  reminds us that other civilizations begin their year at other times:  the Romans, for instance began their year in March, giving the seventh month its name:  Sept-ember.

poms  And in the Jewish calendar  THIS month,  September,  contains the beginning of a whole new year before God,  Rosh Hashanah.      Of course,  they begin it a little more seriously than we begin our new calendar year seven days of solemn soul-searching,  forgiveness, and restitution where possible.   A whole new year’s worth of time is, after all,  a gift from God.     And then they’re ready!

I have plans for my own personal new year too.  I’m a little shy about telling them to you,  but I can just say that it involves increasing my intellectual and artistic skills.    Some very serious self-discipline involved here.   But it IS    “my new year.”   My birthday is sometime this month.

Morning Glory

September’s Morning Glory

I enter a whole new decade of uncharted territory with this birthday.       “I’ve never been this old before!!!!”

But someone reminded me that right now today I’m still as young as I’m ever going to be. (I hope that helps)      And I can say that on  each day of my life, as long as God gives me heartbeats for my body to use.

I teach a few classes, as you may know if you’ve been to the Spruce Tunnel before.   A long time ago someone asked me to do a class on aging.   Aging, I guess, according to God’s plan.    At the time, I felt I didn’t have enough experience to do a good job of it.

Hmmmm.    I’m going to have to start paying attention to my life now.    I’m beginning to feel “experienced.”

Stay tuned.     There are a lot of other wonderful things in September!







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