(Note:   “humor”)     (Yep)  

Well, they’ve given us another “conspiracy”  to occupy our attention!   So the following is just to keep The Spruce Tunnel informed.


Cold Silence.jpg

You all know I’m a fan of Jason Bourne novels and movies.  They’re entertaining.     Unless you’re personally involved,  a good conspiracy is merely entertaining.   That’s all it can be.

Here’s a good book  that I just got from my library tonight.   “Hard-driving thriller of the modern Arctic” ;  “relentless actions”;   “downfall of civilization”;    outbreak of a mysterious ancient disease;  and –  someone is doing it!  Sounds like a good conspiracy to me!

Here’s another one our Rulers have given us.   Why did WABC-TV, that venerable old television station in New York City announce the death of Hillary Clinton yesterday?   (All that’s left of that announcement is a 17-second clip that someone saved.  You can check out YouTube with the words:  WABC, New York City,  Hillary Clintons and death.)   

Where is “she” now?

Why does Chlesea’s apartment specs show only one half of her allotted space?  Does the rest of her apartment contain an emergency room?   Medical facility?   Is that where the Clintons put that sort of bankrupt  medical facility that they bought?    Is that why Hillary was not taken by ambulance to a hospital yesterday?

And WHO was that that bounded out of Chelsea’s apartment, full of strength and energy,  slightly smaller, slightly thinner, and very much stronger than the poor sick woman who supposedly went into that apartment just 90 minutes earlier?

But here’s the one that caught my attention.    I usually have a purse with me too.



Many women seem to be very particular about which side they wear their purse. 

The woman, whoever she is, looking strong and healthy,  no trouble with too much weight on her hips, boldly stepping out onto a city sidewalk  without security people surrounding her   — and she chooses to wear her purse on her right shoulder.    So do I, actually.     I know I feel clumsy with it on my left side.  I like to root around in my purse with my more dexterous left hand fingers.

Hillary is supposedly  always seen wearing her purse on her left shoulder.

Or maybe  she’s just ambidextrous.   Or ambishoulderous. 


I just know I’m going to be clandestinely watching my friends and their purses this winter.    A good conspiracy is hard to ignore!


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