(I’ve been sleepless for a long time and I’m grumpy. I want information from the News,  not an Agenda.)
Look only where they show you . . .

telescope alone.jpg

That is,  look only  where the entertainment-news media point your attention, a small circle through the wrong end of the telescope.   Their choice.

Television system in The Spruce Tunnel almost all fixed now,  just in time for big news,  and it looks like another Sitting-Duck Zone suffered  knife-attacks this past weekend,  with no one able to defend themselves or stop the attacker from going on to other victims.       Nine people stabbed.

 This feels personal;  my parents and sisters lived in this Minnesota city for a few years.

Fortunately for the shoppers there came an off-duty policeman who still had his gun with him.     And that was followed by the bombs and  IEDs in New Jersey and New York on Sunday.   

The entertainment-news media massages our brains a little.

Our Rulers are so sure that we believe their every word  that they think if they don’t say “bad words”  like terrorist,  terrorist connection,  ISIS,   bombing,  or refugee communities  ,  etc.  then we won’t think the danger comes from from   terrorist,   terrorist connections,   ISIS,   bombing,  or refugee communities.
Why not?  Because the politicians who want to be re-elected or re-re-elected have told us that we are winning/have won the war on terrorism.    

See?  They said it,   we’re going to think it’s true.

According to the Global-Socialist Agenda,  we must believe that the  “refugee-warriors”  preach peace and want   to be Americans   and not America itself.  

It says “peace” in their book!


ISIS puts out a bulletin:  “Attack where they live.”    And ISIS acknowledge these “warriors of Allah.”    And as one television personality said this morning:   “Politicians can say we’re winning the war in the MIddle East, because they’ve brought the war over here.”

So welcome these refugees.


One headline reads:       “100,000 Somalis admitted to the US  since 911.”
The next headline says:      “Obama  silent on this weekend’s bombings.”    ( That would be the Barack Hussein person in this country.)

Makes sense.
Also heard on radio news overnight:      “These are Obama’s people.”   (Somalis, Syrians,  and Afghanis)

The Poor Sick Woman running for election talks briefly about the bombings in New York.  CNN shows the video but edits out her word  “bombing.”       They  initially  “massaged”  her short video  although,  after some push-back,    they’ve put it back in but go on commenting as though that word weren’t there.

Why did they do that?    So   they’re free to attack Trump for being right on top of things and talking about the bombings.   Not “who”  placed the bomb in Chelsea,  but  just what the average American citizen saw with their own eyes.   Trump doesn’t speak like a politician.   He speaks like the average American.

Which,  since we’re the Deplorables,   we should just keep quiet and quit talking.

“See something, say something?”  My foot!    You’re only supposed to say what they tell you that you saw.   

“Political Correctness kills.”   

This is an election of the American nation versus the Global-Socialist Agenda.



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