Well, I had a camera fail –  a Samsung 7 camera fail, just so that’s out there.    For the past five days,  all the photos I’ve taken come out . . .   gray.   And even the ones I can see on my camera won’t “send.”    

It’s righted itself now,  apparently,  but you don’t want to see a Test Shot of my kitchen table.

But I didn’t want to miss the passing from Summer to Fall.     That’s always a Big Marker for me because I have a birthday coming up in a few days –  just a little into Fall.   But this birthday is a new kind of a one for me –  I’ve never been THIS old before!  I think I’m feeling a little shaky.

And I’m thinking of all the things I’m leaving behind at this stage of my life.

But I’ll talk about seasons of the year instead.   Here’s one of the nicest things that I will be saying good-bye to — our recorder music in the summer outdoors:


Well,  we think we make lovely music.  Angelic music!    Beautiful baroque.

Our music setting was certainly beautiful –


Greens and greens and greens,  lawns, shadows, and forest.    I walk across that little area and on into my friend’s lovely gazebo –


That little   white roundish (octagonal?)  structure is where we play our music.

 A light summer refreshment after we’ve tired ourselves out  –


I think my friend won’t mind if I place her on this page.   She’s pretty,   the gazebo is pretty,   the forest outside is pretty,   the summer days were pretty –


Our music in the gazebo was the “prettiest” memory of this whole summer – passing now.   I’m sure I’ll be remembering the tranquility our summer music at times during the coming ice and snow and freezing winds.


   Early signs.     Many of our trees now are part yellow and part green;  part orange and part green;   part red and part green.

  We’ve got some beauty of a different kind coming.


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